Photography Humor: Add a Red Dot to Your Camera to Make it a Leica

Today’s photography humor is for Leica fans and skeptics alike. 

We photographers have our own jokes and brand of humor which can either brighten our day or give us a bit of motivation. If you’re in need of some photography humor today, we’re sure you’ll definitely get this. This one will make some Leica fans raise their eyebrows and some skeptics chuckling!

“Am I doing this right?” asked Reddit user warmboot in an r/AnalogCircleJerk thread we recently found. He proceeded to show how he transformed his visibly worn Vivitar Ultra Wide and Slim (a 35mm plastic camera that enjoyed cult status for a while during the analog resurgence) into a prized “Leica.”

To answer his question, YES: just add the freaking red dot on everything, make it extra big so it catches everyone’s attention, and you’re doing it right! He even had a red filter ready for those black and white snaps! And look at that gorgeous brassing, which another Reddit user also pointed out. “Wow, the brassing is amazing. You must use it so much!” To which OP posted, “I scored it for only $60 at a flea market from a guy who used it during the Spanish Civil War.”

Now, all this gorgeous Leica needs is this equally rare Huimicron 228mm f6.9 – 420 tele lens!

Hopefully, the joke isn’t lost on you and we don’t have to explain how funny this is! Otherwise, we think we have something else you’d LOL over. Check out these film photography dad jokes that made us giggle (nope, there’s no escaping those). But don’t forget to bring your film photography expertise so you can get everything and join in the laughs. Or, in case you missed it from some months ago, watch Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore mock the catalog photo shoot.