LOL! These Film Photography Dad Jokes Are Making Us Giggle

You probably need to take a crash course on film photography if you don’t get these.

Dad jokes are everywhere, and if you think you can escape it in the photography world, you’re sorely mistaken. Today, we bring some brilliant (or face palm-worthy) bits of humor peppered with puns and sprinkled with wit. One thing to note: you’ll have to know your film photography well to get everything and join in the fun.

Where else can you find strange and wonderful stuff that dad jokes are made of, but in a dedicated corner — /r/dadjokes — tucked somewhere in Reddit’s underbelly? It all started when Redditor Eleventhearlofmar threw out this one:

Why are photographers so hesitant to get into a relationship?

They’re interested in developing one, but can’t stop focusing on all the negatives.

Shenanigans ensue. Redditor whitechapel8733 just had to put it out there: “Are you sure it’s because they couldn’t picture themselves in one?” Meanwhile, jhark44405 chimed in,

“They don’t want to expose themselves.” No time for love may be the best answer for nastylittleman, coming to the conclusion, “They have to focus on work.”

The thread continued with some pretty bold statements that could either make your eyes roll, or get you rolling on the floor laughing. “Why do photographer’s make bad fathers?” asked SlenderLlama who, of course, had the answer ready: “They’re never in the picture.”

“Come into my darkroom. I will show you my enlarger.” Whoa, easy there, RubyBlye.

“Never kiss a photographer in the darkroom,” Stompya warned. “You never know what may develop — and if you don’t stop, you might end up in a fix.”

Not yet laughing? Never groaned loud enough to wake the neighbors? Still scratching your head clueless and didn’t get all the jokes? Looks like you have to either brush up on your film photography, or worse, take a crash course. Get back to us when you’re done.

Meanwhile, if you’re not snickering like a hyena because these are simply not funny enough for you, why don’t you head to this thread and give it a shot? Feel free to get as emulsional as you want. Or, maybe these hilariously punny things that only photographers can say without getting arrested are more likely to tickle your funny bones.