Ben Geier Captures the Melancholy in Abandoned Buildings

All photos by Ben Geier. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Abandoned buildings, whether they’re deserted houses, old buildings, or crumbling ruins, have a certain mood to them that has been inspiring photographers. There’s an interesting genre dedicated to photographing these empty and often forgotten spaces: urban exploration photography. For some, it’s an act of documentation as part of urban exploration itself. For others, it’s also an exploration of the stories, atmosphere, and history that remain alongside all the decay. Today’s featured series by Ben Geier falls into the second category, and will definitely motivate those who want to capture the often melancholic mood of these deserted places.

Titled Not Even Dust, the series features various spots of what looks like a warehouse or factory, as wellas  a church that appears to have been abandoned for decades. Apart from unveiling the moody decay from the inside, Geier sets the mood for the series by showing these buildings from the outside. The fields of flowers and grasslands surrounding these places give an impression of remote isolation, and nature slowly reclaiming the abandoned spaces.

The title also seems a fitting reference to how not even dust can hide or tarnish the history of these abandoned places. The dust and all that remains speak a lot about these spots, and add to the mood of decay that attracts urban explorers. This mood is also reinforced by the slightly muted tones and variety of dark and bright spots featured in the series.

If you’re into urban exploration and are fascinated by the charm of abandoned buildings, we suggest checking out Kevin Bauman’s 100 Abandoned Houses project, Dex Ward’s documentation of impermanence, and Andy Lee’s showcase of beauty in decay.

Don’t forget to check out Ben Geier’s Behance portfolio to see more of his work.