Mike Stimpson Gives Classic Photographs a Lego Treatment

Tiananmen Square. Image courtesy of Mike Simpson.

Tiananmen Square. Image courtesy of Mike Simpson. Used with permission

Mike Stimpson is a photographer and Lego-enthusiast. While most of his catalogue is his own creation, Stimpson has created a series called “Classics in Lego” in which he takes famous photographs and gives them the Lego treatment. Stimpson is able to work around the inherent visual limitations of Lego to create photographs that look surprisingly like the original images. While the originals are serious in nature, there’s a whimsical quality to Stimpson’s recreations, and if you like them enough, you can pick up prints here. For more of Stimpson’s work, check out his website.

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Nikon’s Df Gets Mocked With a Burberry Edition


There are lots of feelings out there about the new Nikon Df, but one story is going above and beyond in the hilarity. PhotographyLife has a piece mocking the concept and idea a bit. To do this, a faux press release was created. Not only does it wrap the Nikon camera in a very Burberry like design, but it also gets rid of autofocusing and only shoots black and white images. Quite the colorless feat for such a colorful camera!

With all the joking aside (and you should really go check out the piece) we have to say that this probably isn’t a bad idea for Nikon. Leica created the M Monochrom and it was a hit amongst many reviewers sans the fact that you need to underexpose each image and work with it in post. The Df in a Burberry edition looks pretty damn nice though and may not only appeal to the retro-addicts but also those with some disposable income.

This Pentatonix Video Cover of Daft Punk Songs Uses a Ring Light Quite Interestingly

Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 1.36.56 PM

In previous posts, we’ve talked a lot about the way ring lights work. Besides having ring flashes though, there are constant light rings that can deliver the same effect if they are powerful enough. However, the disadvantage can be that your subject may feel like they’re looking into headlights.

Either way, this viral video of music group Pentatonix doing an A capella cover of many of Daft Punk’s songs utilizes a ring light on each and every subject and it is only really visible at one point in the video unless you really know what to look for in a ring light.

Take a look at it after the jump and look closely at each singer’s eyes. Also be sure to check out our guide to Ring Flash.

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Actress Scarlett Johansson Trips and Falls, Becomes Your New Image Meme


It’s true, celebrities don’t get a break. And more often than not, when they do dumb things they’re turned into image memes. the latest victim is Scarlett Johansson. Someone caught a photo of her tripping and falling; then published it to the web. Funny enough as it is, leave it to the trolls of the internet to take it further. Scarlett is now a new meme, and her likeness has been photoshopped into different scenes.

Lots of them are coming from /r/photoshopbattles, so you can head on over there to take a look at some of hilarity that is ensuing.

Via Happy Place

Have a Spare $100k Lying Around? Why Not Invest It in A Fisheye Lens?

Nikon 6mm f2.8 Ai Fisheye Lens Unboxing Video Screengrab

What? $100k for a fisheye lens? Well, yeah. But not just some fisheye lens. The fisheye lens. Because when it comes to fisheye lenses, there’s nothing that’ll top this beast. What we’re talking about is the exceedingly rare Nikon 6mm f2.8 Ai lens. What makes this lens so special is no so much its scarcity, but the fact that its angle of view is 220°. Yes, 220°. This lens actually sees what’s behind it. At the same time, the aperture is moderately fast at f2.8. Of course, that means a lot of glass, especially for the front element–which is really, really huge on this lens. Who would ever use a lens like that? We have no idea. But if you’ve got money to spend and are into collecting rare stuff, here’s your chance: there’s currently one for sale on eBay, for the above-mentioned bargain price of US-$ 100k.

If you want more info on the Nikon 6mm f2.8 Ai, here’s an article about the lens over at Japan Camera Hunter. Also, past the break, you can find an unboxing video from a guy who bought one.  Continue reading…

Lester Jones on Shooting for Vans and Approaching Skaters

Screen Shot 2013-09-27 at 9.22.24 AM

Australian based creative Lester Jones has been featured many times on this site. He runs I Dig Your Sole Man; a blog on the Vice Network about fashionable shoes in the street world. And recently he was commissioned by Vans to shoot a short on Australian skater Chima Ferguson. The video is fairly simple, but still quite beautiful due to a couple of detail shots and cinematic movements.

But beyond the video, there is also the whole notion of approaching a skater and talking to them about being captured on film. And for folks that don’t know how to do this or want to, Lester offers some tips after the jump; along with the video.

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This Uber Cool Stop Motion Video Took 3000 Photos and 11 Months to Create


Stop motions videos and timelapses are very cool. What we’re showing below though isn’t a timelapse, but the two are on a similar concept. Nonetheless, Youtuber Nothinghereok released this stop motion video a while back showing off the cleaning and refurbishing of an old engine for a car. The entire video is whimsical and has an awesome and pretty epicly famous soundtrack. It’s “In The Hall Of The Mountain King” from Edvard Griegs “Peer Gynt Suite”.

Just watch the video; you’ll get a kick out of it.

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These Photographers Go Above and Below To Explore


There has been a trend of photographers going to death defying heights and recording the entire experience with a GoPro. And this latest video not only showcases that trend in a vertigo inducing manner, but it also shows the world from deep down below. It features photographers Vadim and Vitaliy, two young Russian photographers with a unique and unexpected way of looking at a city.

The video is sponsored by Hub footwear–who decided to follow the photographers in a content marketing campaign. Some of the photos are absolutely awesome as Vadim explains that he got into it by photographing his friends rope-jump off of a bridge. The video has some extremely vertigo inducing scenes towards the start.

You can check it out right after the jump. And for more, you can check out what we carry around for Urban Exploring in our Essentials piece.

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Ryan Brenizer On Wedding Photography Being About Moments

Screen Shot 2013-09-19 at 2.16.41 PM

If you haven’t heard of Ryan Brenizer, then you’re missing out on the work of one of the greatest wedding photographers of our time. Ryan is a former photojournalist that has been award winning wedding photographer for a number of years here in NYC. He also is known for what’s called the Brenizer Effect–which is the process of taking lots of photos in a panoramic fashion to mimic the look of a large format image.

And his words and images are more than enough to speak for themselves and inspire many others.

Having shot over 300 weddings and publishing his work in the industry’s top magazines including Rangefinder and American Photo, Ryan is one of the young stars in the industry. Before his speech at creativeLIVE Photo Week, we sat down with Ryan to find out how he captures those special moments that define his style.

Check it out after the jump.

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This Nikon D800 Survived Four Hours in -5ºC Weather


Photos courtesy of Stian Hagen

Many folks who purchase the Nikon D800 treat it like their baby and aren’t aware of just how much abuse the camera was designed to take. In fact, you’d be pleasantly surprised. Photographer Alexandre Buisse was shooting a campaign in some frigid weather when he looked down at his Nikon D800 and noticed just how cold it was looking. Amazingly, the camera continued to function.

We asked Alex a couple of questions about the shoot and about the camera. Be sure to also follow Alex on Facebook.

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Proof: National Geographic Photographers on Photography

Screen Shot 2013-09-17 at 9.17.24 AM

“It is an addiction to be in the presence of powerful human emotions…”

Whenever you hear photographers talking about their work, you’re either treated to a slideshow with barely any meat to it, or story after story. National Geographic has put together a video called, “The Photographers on Photography” where they interviewed lots of their photographers about the experience of shooting. And some of the words that they say are incredibly powerful. Plus, their words are juxtaposed to their images.

The video is after the jump.

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This is What Happens When You Combine Light Painting and Google Street View’s Virtual Tour

Chris Gampat Google Street View The Phoblographer Light Painting (2 of 4)

Even Google Street View is capable of doing some incredibly awesome things. We received an email about a project called, “La Bifurk.” The project involves three creatives who got together and decided to use Google Virtual Tour feature to give e-visitors a tour of the famous cultural spot. But this isn’t just any tour: it involves some crazy characters and light painting.

Damien Leleux and Nicolas Bernard were the photographers authorized by Google to work with Jadikan, a well-known lightpainter. Leleux and Bernard are from the Odoxo agency.

As you start in the front, you’ll see a concert happening and as you proceed behind the stage you’ll be treated to the awesome skate park in the back, which has lots of light painting.

Some screen caps are after the jump.

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This is What the Olympus OMD EM1 Looks Like With Its Guts Spilled



While we already firmly believe that the Olympus OMD EM1 is quite tough as nails, the folks at ePhotoZine are currently featuring some teardown images of what the camera looks like before it is assembled. And we can already see lots of gaskets to keep the camera weather sealed. And for the most part, the camera also looks as if it really isn’t comprised of lots of parts–but then again that motherboard units probably has loads to it by itself.

Two more photos are after the jump–and they show off the magnesium alloy body. We’re currently in the middle of reviewing the camera ourselves, and we’re so far very impressed.

Via Gizmodo. Images via ePhotoZine.

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Joe Capra From Scientifantastic Has Created a Breathtakingly Beautiful Timelapse of Rio de Janeiro

Joe Capra Rio de Janeiro Timelapse Screen Grab

With today’s tools and technology, anyone can create a time-lapse video. In fact, we just recently showed you how to do it with your smartphone and upload to Instagram. But the real art is to create a timelapse that captivates the viewer with beautiful pictures, clever arrangement and a great musical score. Joe Capra from Scientifantastic is a true master of this art, and has created a number of mesmerizing time-lapse videos. His latest one shows scenes from Rio de Janeiro, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. With cleverly composed images and a great arrangement, the video truly captures the viewer and shows them some of the most breathtaking views of the city.

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Sabine Metz’s Sweet Agony Photo Series is Unsettlingly Thought Provoking


All photos by Sabine Metz. Used with permission.

Sabine Metz is a 22 year old photographer in the Netherlands. She is self taught and likes to shoot portraits, weddings, fashion, etc. Sabine recently did a series called Sweet Agony, and upon seeing the photos, we were hit with loads of different feelings towards them. The use of lighting adds some interesting shadows to the series as does placement of the lollipops, the models’ expressions, and the uber serious body language mixed with the tight proper attire.

After looking at the series, we decided to talk to Sabine about it and investigate the meaning behind it.

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“Lumiere” is a Tintype Photobooth on Wheels


Image courtesy of Adrian Whipp & Loren Doyen.

Tintype photography is a lost art. The term “tintype” is a bit of a misnomer as no actual tin is used. The process, which originated in the mid 1800s, entails coating a metal plate, usually iron, in collodion to prepare it for light sensitivity. The coated plated is then dipped in a silver nitrate solution which makes it light-sensitive. The plate is then loaded into the camera, exposed, and taken into the darkroom for processing. The rest of it entails a bit of chemistry, but this is the process by which many photographs were made way back in the day. And it is the process by which Adrian Whipp and Loren Doyen create their portraits in Lumiere, their tintype studio-on-wheels in Austin, Texas.

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Put a PEZ Dispenser On Your Camera to Get a Young Child to Look at the Camera



Though this trick has been around for a while, it is always nice to sometimes revisit the old ways. If you want a young child to look at your camera, try putting a PEZ dispenser in the hot shoe. Then when you’ve got their attention, act fast and snap the photo.

This tip comes from It’s Always Autumn. It’s usually a great idea to have the character’s head be something that the kid likes too: like Superman, Batman, or someone else.

Conversely, for any millenial that remembers how awesome PEZ was, it’s a great way to get us to look at the camera as well.

Liquids in Motion: The High Speed Work of Jim Kramer


All images by Jim Kramer. Used with permission

High speed photography is an incredibly specialized form of fine-art and one that takes a fair amount of practice to master. Jim Kramer has been dedicating his work to working with liquids since 2011 and has really been creating some incredible works of art. Head on past the break for some words from Jim and samples of his beautiful creations.

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Fake Tutorial Video Tries to Teach Senior Citizens About Instagram


Sometimes teaching the less tech savvy amongst us can be difficult. Besides trying to teach someone who purchased a smartphone how to use it, it can be an even more hysterical experience trying to teach them how to use simple apps like Instagram. TeamCoCo recently tried to do that–by showing seniors how to use Instagram and calling it an emerging technology. And of course, it features the absolute worst of the platform–such as how awful some selfies are.

If you’re one of the folks that doesn’t like Instagram (and there are many of you out there) sit back and have a laugh after the jump.


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Watch This Slow Motion Photo Booth and Its Nutty Characters


Photo booths are always really fun, but they usually just feature a single image and that’s all. The studio known as Super Frog Saves Tokyo has created something just a bit different. Instead of capturing a single image, they document an entire scene in slow motion. In order to do this, they shot it on the RED Epic, which means that they needed a heck of a lot of light to capture this correctly. And like every photo booth, they had everyone doing something silly or fun. But when something like this is also cut to Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines, it becomes even cooler.

Seriously, check it out after the jump.

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Bored Today? Kill 5 Minutes and Play Space Invaders With Cameras


Udi over at DIYPhotography has to be one of the coolest and creative folks in the photoverse that we know. And to help promote the Light Blaster flash modifier, he has programmed a short space invaders game. But this isn’t just some game: you’ll be blasting loads of cameras and reacting quite quickly as well. At the lower end is the traditional black DSLR (looks very Nikon-like) followed by what looks like a Pentax DSLR and then an OMD style camera.

The controls require you using the arrow keys to move and spacebar to fire. And now you can waste all the time you want by playing it after the jump.

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