DXO Mark: Nikon D90 Bests Canon 7D

According to the DXO Mark, the Nikon D90 still beats Canon’s new 7D and competing product 50D. Despite the fact that the mark is only slightly, it is still worth noting that the 7D is quite a bit more expensive than the D90. This was found while browsing the /p/ forum board on 4Chan. If you recall, I mentioned this forum as one of the best places to get your photos critiqued. If the thread is still alive when you are reading this, then you’ll probably see the flame war between Nikon and Canon fanboys alike erupting.

Edit: For what it’s worth too, the 7D is still a better video camera bar none when coupled with the right items.

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Panasonic Releases Slew of Cameras for Beginners, Techies

Today, Panasonic announced their new cameras aimed towards techies, enthusiasts and beginners. Those of you who read this blog and consider yourselves mid-level to entry-level users may want to take a look at these. Outstanding features include a touchscreen on one, better/improved battery life, sleek profiles and other features that will appeal to this segment of the market. Additionally, they also announced their new SDXC cards. More after the jump.

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DSLR Videography: Items You May Want To Get

The worlds of photography and videography are emerging even more as time progresses. It has become inevitable. They’ve been used to film major motion pictures as well as television shows. Because of this, you should also perhaps be looking into gear to support those features of your DSLR. Chances are that your flashes, diffusers, and wireless transmitters really won’t help you very much. That being said, here are some items to start out with that won’t really break the bank.

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Know Yourself: How to Choose a Point and Shoot

Maria Sharapova and her Canon Powershot Diamond Collection

We’re in a recession, so consumers (and photographers) naturally have to rely upon themselves to make smarter financial decisions. This can be tough, especially when choosing a camera. You probably have a camera right now and are not happy with it or you’ve got the money for one and are looking to make a purchase without breaking the bank. Throw what you know about megapixels, zooms, features, colors and compactness out the window right now. It’s time to know how to ensure that you’ll be satisfied with your purchase for a long time.

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Top Sellings DSLRs for Sun Dec 27 2009

Every week, 1001NoisyCameras features their own top selling DSLR chart for the week. This week, we can see that pricing still holds the biggest attraction to consumers. Consumers being used as a particular term as they purchase the most cameras vs professionals, enthusiasts, etc. That said, the Canon XSi still holds supreme. I’ve shot with that camera and loved it. Otherwise, Canon and Nikon are still holding the main spots with Panasonic starting to creep in a bit with the GF1 and Pentax doing well with the K-x.

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