Review: Langly Alpha Pro Backpack Camera Bag

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Langly Alpha Pro Camera Bag review photos (2 of 9)ISO 4001-1700 sec at f - 1.4

“Hold up guys, I need to change my lenses.”

Rewind to 2007 when I was still in college and my photojournalism teacher and mentor taught me to never be this guy. Fast forward to 2008 during my first internship at PC Mag (then PC Magazine) and the journalists that I interned under would say the same thing. Why? Well, that guy slows everyone else down in the group.

This is one of the primary reasons why I don’t use backpacks for my photo gear, but when it comes to packing loads and loads of stuff on you in a comfortable yet low profile and fashionable way, it’s very tough to beat the Langly Alpha Pro backpack. Sure, backpacks don’t give you the quick, on the go access that a messenger or tote bag do, but it makes up for it in being able to carry lots of stuff on a daily excursion.

Made of canvas and leather, Langly camera bags join ONA, zKin, Artisan and Artist  and others amongst the lineup of beautiful camera bags designed to also be very functional as a camera bag.

So how does it do? To be honest, Langly may have everyone else beat when it comes to the adventure photographer.

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Review: Artisan and Artist COV 7500N Camera Tote Bag

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Artist and Artisan Camera Tote Bag Review (4 of 12)ISO 1001-2000 sec at f - 2.8

The idea of a tote bag for photographers isn’t exactly new, but it hasn’t been done quite effectively just yet.

For a while now, what I’ve wanted and personally experimented with as a photographer is a tote bag. Messenger bags have proven to be extremely effective for the photographer that needs to bring a laptop, camera, lenses and more along with them each day. But when it comes to working in a big city and being a business owner, part of being a photographer has to do with looking your part. Watch anything on Netflix or television and you’ll see more and more folks bringing around tote bags that look similar to briefcases in style.

The Artisan and Artist company announced their take on the Tote bag with the Artisan and Artist COV 7500N tote bag for photographers. With all the pockets, padding and straps that a photographer can possibly need; the company has succeeded in doing something that some messenger style and sling style camera bag manufacturers can’t do: create a camera bag that truly doesn’t look like a camera bag.

With leather accents, canvas and nylon comprising the design, this Japanese-made camera bag has some stylish looks to it and works very well for both genders. But the biggest thing that photographers want to know is how it performs for them.

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Review: Oberwerth Freiburg Mini Messenger

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Oberwerth Freiburg camera bag (8 of 9)ISO 4001-25 sec at f - 2.8

Before around two weeks ago, we had no idea who Oberwerth was. But then we were introduced to their line of Freiburg camera bags. Oberwerth has hopped on the bandwagon with companies trying to cater to the mirrorless camera market. And with that said, they’ve created the Freiburg camera bag with leather, nylon, canvas, and loads of padding. In fact, this is some of the thickest padding that we’ve ever dealt with. That’s great for your camera.

But at the same time, the Oberwerth Freiburg will adorn your shoulder in the same way that a murse will.

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Review: ONA Leather Prince Street Messenger Bag


ONA has always created beautiful and simplistic camera bags. And today’s announcement of the Leather Price Street is no exception to their award winning lineup. Designed for street photographers and those with a more mobile/guerilla oriented shooting style, we’re sure that any shooter would wear this bag with pride.

With a full leather exterior, superb interior padding, and a suggested retail price of $389 we’d like to remind you at this point in the article to please ensure that the drool from your mouth doesn’t hit the keyboard–that’s just unattractive and embarrassing when you take it in for repair and tell the techs.

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Review: Domke Chronicle Camera Bag

Domke Chronicle gservo-00345-20140607

There are camera bags, and then there are camera bags with heritage and tradition. The Domke Chronicle Camera Bag falls under the latter. The Chronicle is the descendant of the Domke F-2 and has quite a lot to live up to. It is part of the updated journalist series of shoulder bags from the company which have been newly designed to have a more modern feel and look. I’ve used a lot of camera bags in my time, but this is my first Domke Bag. These bags are known for their long life and durability, and so I wondered how it would measure up against my daily routines. I move around a lot in a lot of different ways at times, and so I’ve grown accustomed to a particular type of camera bag. Continue reading…

How I Modified A Satchel To Be My Own Personal Camera Bag

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Modification of a camera bag (1 of 11)ISO 1001-250 sec at f - 5.0

When you look at this bag, you wouldn’t think at all that it would be a camera bag. In all honesty, it isn’t. Inspired by the story of the Magnum Photographers who worked with Filson camera bags to design something super low profile, I decided to simply hack a bag that I’ve been using for years and years into something that can hold pretty much most of the gear that I need when I go on shoots. Of course, it isn’t enough when it comes to shoots requiring me to work with monolights, but for the most part this little bag handles almost every situation I tackle, is low profile, and allows my to have quick access to my gear.

A simple bag like this is what many camera bag manufacturers should be able to make affordably.

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Review: Gura Gear Uinta Adventure Pack


The Gura Gear line of camera backpacks has generated quite a fan-base since their initial Kiboko and follow-up Bataflae bags. They weren’t the first on the scene, but what they came up with was a reasonably sized backpack that could haul far more than its size would have you believe. The Uinta is the latest in their line of Adventure packs (Uinta, if you’re wondering, is the name of a mountain range in Utah, a state which also happens to be Gura Gear’s Home-Base) and it is designed to be lightweight and very nimble for quick day-hikes or outdoor shoots. The focus behind the design is a modular system, and Gura Gear was pretty excited to share this new bag with us. I’ve had a chance to spend some quality time with the Uinta Adventure Pack, and I’m here to share my thoughts. Head on past the break for our full review.

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Review: Cosyspeed Camslinger Camera Belt

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Cosyspeed belt review (2 of 7)ISO 16001-60 sec at f - 2.0

Cosyspeed is a brand new camera bag company that has a totally different approach to bags. From the start, we weren’t quite sure what to think of them. Creator Thomas Ludwig calls them bags–but we’re more inclined to think of them as belts with lots of pouches. And while the company’s plan is to market them to street photographers and mirrorless camera users, they could be better off for wedding and location photographers instead.

But like any first generation product, they have their kinks and their plusses.

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Review: Zkin Champ Camera Bag


The trend of beautiful, leather products has been around for a while now in the photo industry since ONA started strutting their sexiness all over the place. But on a recent trip to the Lomography store in NYC, I stumbled upon something else extremely beautiful but a little different. And upon asking them about the bag, I was introduced to Zkin. The company seems to be quite new (or at least their approach to the industry does) but already has an impressive lineup of bags.

And the one that really caught my eye is the Champ. Don’t ask me why they call it this. But for what it’s worth, I’ve found a bag that’s not only stylish, but also pretty damned functional.

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Review: Think Tank Photo Airport Accelerator Camera Backpack

Airport Accelerator 20131123Gservo-0132

Everyone once in a while photographers need a bigger bag. The need to carry more stuff safely is a simple truth. Multiple bags can be cumbersome. This is where the Think Tank Airport Accelerator Camera Backpack comes in. If you start to have jobs that take you away from home, you begin to look at things that can carry all the gear you think you will need. I have worked, traveled and lived with the Think Tank Airport Accelerator Camera Backpack for some time now.

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Review: Lowepro Urban Reporter 250


Lowepro’s latest line of shoulder bags are geared towards street photography but that doesn’t mean it’s only made for that purpose; what they (they of course being the designers at Lowepro) wanted to create a series of bags that were low-profile, comfortable, and able to carry all the gear one would need for journalism photography. Available in three distinct sizes (150/250/350), the Urban Reporter should appeal to multiple types of photographers; is it a bag for you? Read on to hear our thoughts about this bag.

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Review: Case Logic SLR Camera Backpack

Caes Logic SLR Camera Backpack 20131007Gservo-0049

If photography is your hobby or passion, chances are that you will inadvertently start another one as well: collecting camera bags. Some are multitasks, some are overkill. Then there are the ones that are pure camera bags: simple and clean. That’s what the SLR Camera Backpack from Case Logic is. You might think, “Why do I need a bag like this?”

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Review: Manfrotto Backpack 30


We’ve just recently covered some of Manfrotto’s new bag line. Over the last few weeks I had the chance to test Manfrotto’s new Backpack 30. Now, Manfrotto set out to reinvigorate its bag line with a much-needed new look and design. I must say I really warmed up to the charms of the design of what it has to offer.

Editor’s Note: This is a guest blog post by Matthew D’Alessio

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Review: Manfrotto Shoulder Bag 30

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Manfrotto Shoulder Bag 30 product photos (1 of 10)ISO 2001-250 sec at f - 3.2

If you ask anyone in the photo industry what Manfrotto is best known for, they’d probably tell you their tripods. That isn’t to say at all that they make awful bags though. Earlier in the year, we saw a couple of new bags from the company–and amongst the ones that we’ve been testing for a while is the Shoulder Bag 30. The 30 is a camera bag that is obviously meant to be a shoulder bag, but also meant to be placed somewhere in the middle. As the numbers get larger, so do the bags.

And even though we weren’t so sold on the 30 when we first got it in, we eventually warmed up to it. Now, we’re actually quite impressed with the way it works in real life.

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Review: Think Tank Turnstyle 20 Sling Bag


Sling bags have begun to catch on with the world of schlepping photography gear from place to place in recent years. Cyclists and bike messengers have been using this style of bag for literally decades because of its simple and functional design with quick access to your cargo. Think Tank Photo, whom we all know well, is always cooking up new ideas for their product lines and recently launched a new series of sling-style bags (though Think Tank fans will note that this is not their first sling bag, the Sling-O-Matic series came first). The Turnstyle series is a new nimble and low-profile set of bags which you wear diagonally across your bag, or around your waist by attaching the strap to the included waist-pad tucked inside the back panel. Available in three distinct sizes (5/10/20) depending on the amount of gear you want to carry, there are plenty of choices with this new line. We had a chance to review the Turnstyle 20, so head on past the break for our full review.

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Review: Case Logic SLR Camera/Laptop Backpack

julius motal the phoblographer caselogic dslr laptop bag

The right camera bag isn’t always the easiest thing to find. Some prefer slings, others prefer pouches, and a good number prefer backpacks. I’m studying journalism, and a substantial amount of my coursework is reporting-intensive, meaning I have to go to locations to get the story. So, I need to comfortably carry both my camera kit and my laptop. Case Logic’s SLR Camera/Laptop Backpack arrived, and I found a solution to my academic and professional needs.

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Review: Think Tank Urban Disguise 50 v2

Andy Hendriksen The Phoblographer Think Tank UD50 8 of 13

There’s certainly no shortage these days of fashionable and comfortable laptop & camera combination bags, and Think Tank is no stranger to the genre. Their Urban Disguise and Retrospective laptop bags have been incredibly successful, and regarded as some of the finest camera bags available for those with the need to lug around their computer as well. I recently took a trip to Canada, and brought along my Urban Disguise 50 v2.0 to test out how well it would handle my vast number of gadgets, mirrorless camera gear, and the rigor of long distance air travel.

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Review: Gura Gear Bataflae 18L Backpack


The Gura Gear line of backpacks was conceived to haul gear, lots of gear, on photo-treks and safaris with their smartly designed bags that are relatively non-descript looking. The new Bataflae series is the replacement for its Kiboko predecessor and arrives in three distinct carrying capacities, denoted in the name by how many liters of space is available. Depending on how much gear you need to carry you can choose from three capacities, 18L / 26L / 32L, to haul your stash of glass and silicon. This review will be covering the 18L size. Head on past the break for our full review.

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Review: ThinkTank Photo CityWalker 30


One of the realities that I face when traveling is that I have to have two photo bags. The first is always a roller bag that serves as my carry on luggage and carries most of my gear. This makes it convenient and easy to travel. I not only carry a lot of photo gear, but also audio recording equipment for producing my podcast on the road.

The ThinkTank Photo CityWalker 30 seems to hold the promise of a bag that would provide me the ability to carry my walk-around kit, which often includes my laptop computer, a 13-inch MacBook Air.

Up to this point, I’ve not been pleased with the options, because either a bag didn’t accommodate a laptop or if it did, it would be too big and bulky. I was hoping that the CityWalker 30 might fit the bill.

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Review: Lowepro Photo Sport Pro 30L AW Backpack

AbramGoglanian_ThePhoblographer_LoweProPhotosport30L_ProductImages (1 of 22)

Lowepro is a name that has been synonymous with outdoor and adventure photography for decades. While they may have changed many times over the years, they still produce an extensive line of bags that are meant to survive the elements. The Photo Sport AW series has been quite popular with hikers and outdoors-lovers as they are minimalist & lightweight packs which carry a modest amount of camera gear along with the essentials for hiking. I had the chance to spend some time with the new Photo Sport Pro 30L and my full review is past the break.

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Review: Think Tank Urban Disguise 60 V2

Urban Disguise® 60 V2.0 20130529Gservo-3739

For years, I have been notorious for only using backpacks and for years, folks like Chris Gampat have been bugging me to think about shoulder bags. When we worked together at photography trade shows like Photo Plus Expo or had to travel around NYC, my backpacks seemed to get in the way. So always willing to learn and try new things I decided to try the Think Tank Urban Disguise 60 v2. It was a game changer for me. I tend to put a lot of thought into how I carry my gear. This bag handled everything. When I needed it to be more adaptable, it was.

And this new bag has become my favorite. Continue reading…