Today, We’ve Got a Special Treat for Fujifilm Fans: Sales!

50mm prime lenses Fujifilm

There’s a special place in our hearts for Fujifilm cameras!

Fujifilm appeals to those of us who love ergonomics, aesthetics, and the retro feel. There are tons of us out there. Plus many of us like the film simulations that the cameras offer. If you haven’t tried them out, then you’re throwing out a large part of what the system is about. If you’re thinking about getting into the system, take a look at what KEH has! And if you’re a veteran, prepare to be tempted by some great deals!

Editor’s Note: This blog post is sponsored by KEH! Head on over and choose a Fujifilm camera to make brand new memories with. Also, take a look at their solid Fujifilm lens selection.

Fujifilm Cameras at KEH

Fujifilm XT100 for as low as $487.62

Fujifilm XT2 for as low as $652.53 or check out this variant!

Fujifilm XH1 for as low as $1,108.30

Fujifilm X100s for as low as $535.95

Fujifilm GFX 50R for $3,354.58

Take a look at all the Fujifilm cameras available at KEH!

Fujifilm Lenses at KEH

Check out these 7Artisans lenses for Fujifilm!

The Fuji 35mm f2 R WR for as low as $347.50

Fujifilm 16-50mm for $165.65

Fujifilm 50-230mm for as low as $143.12

Fujifilm 55-200mm for $442.19

Take a look at the full selection of lenses for Fujifilm over at KEH!

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