Big News! The PPA and Pixsy Have Partnered to Fight Image Theft

Unfortunately, image theft is rampant these days, but this should help a lot of photographers.

Hopefully, you’ve never been a victim of image theft before. It’s a horrible ordeal to go through, and in many cases, it can be hard to win any case you might have. Especially if your images are not copyrighted. Sharing on social media has just made the problem worse because it’s just so easy for others to take your work. However, now that the PPA (The Professional Photographers of America) has joined forces with Pixsy, it’s easier than ever to take the fight back to those who rip us off. Find out all the partnership details and how you can become a part of this after the break.

What Is Pixsy?

Pixsy was founded in 2014 by Daniel Foster. Daniel is a photographer who had to deal with image theft by himself. After going through the struggles that so many of us have, he founded Pixy. Pixsy is an online platform that helps image owners discover where and how their images are being used online. If Pixsy finds your images being used illegally online, they will help you with the unauthorized use of your images. They partner with a network of lawyers and law firms that will help you with your claim. It’s all pretty easy and straightforward.

As an added benefit of being a member of the PPA (The Professional Photographers of America) network, you now have access to Pixsy off the bat! I don’t know about you, but to me, that sounds like one heck of a great benefit. Kristan Hatman, PPA’S director of Membership, said, “This new partnership reflects PPA’s commitment to helping photographers grow sustainable businesses. Ensuring our members have control over their creative work is central to that mission, and Pixsy’s software and services help photographers do just that.”

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Pixsy CEO Kain Jones echoed this message. “At Pixsy, we believe that the enforcement of legal rights should not be reserved for the few but instead be accessible to any photographer in need of support,” Jones said. “Since our inception in 2014, we have kept to this belief, and to date, we have tackled over 100,000 copyright infringement cases across the globe. Each day, we monitor and protect over 100 million photos for our 85,000 members.” There’s simply no doubt in our minds that a benefit like this is worth the cost of admission to the PPA by itself.

You Must Protect Yourself In the Digital Age

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The minute you share your images online, they are pretty much fair game. Especially if you share them on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. This is why we champion copyrighting your images as much as we do. The process to do this is relatively easy. You can copyright up to 750 images for just $55! Still, it can take up to 6 months for the application for copyrights to be approved. However, we believe it’s well worth the wait. Once you have done this, you are protected. Now, if you become a member of the PPA, you’ll instantly get the benefit of having Pixsy looking out for you and your work online! This is really a no-brainer deal. If you value your work, we highly recommend that you consider doing this. You can join the PPA for just $27.92 per month.

Brett Day

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