Big News! The PPA and Pixsy Have Partnered to Fight Image Theft

Unfortunately, image theft is rampant these days, but this should help a lot of photographers.

Hopefully, you’ve never been a victim of image theft before. It’s a horrible ordeal to go through, and in many cases, it can be hard to win any case you might have. Especially if your images are not copyrighted. Sharing on social media has just made the problem worse because it’s just so easy for others to take your work. However, now that the PPA (The Professional Photographers of America) has joined forces with Pixsy, it’s easier than ever to take the fight back to those who rip us off. Find out all the partnership details and how you can become a part of this after the break.

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COPYTRACK Lets You Track and Get Paid for Your Images Used Without Permission

COPYTRACK promises to help photographers with websites, media outlets, and businesses using their photos without permission.

A good number of creatives now encounter unauthorized or uncredited use of their photos and images. It has become a common problem especially of photographers, regardless of the genre. If you’re a victim of such despicable act, you might want to enlist the services of international copyright enforcer COPYTRACK, especially if you’re determined to collect monetary compensation on top of legal action.

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