COPYTRACK Lets You Track and Get Paid for Your Images Used Without Permission

COPYTRACK promises to help photographers with websites, media outlets, and businesses using their photos without permission.

A good number of creatives now encounter unauthorized or uncredited use of their photos and images. It has become a common problem especially of photographers, regardless of the genre. If you’re a victim of such despicable act, you might want to enlist the services of international copyright enforcer COPYTRACK, especially if you’re determined to collect monetary compensation on top of legal action.

According to COPYTRACK, of 3 billion images that are shared online everyday, 85% of these get stolen. This is why they decided offer their services for free to photographers, content creators, publishers, news, photo agencies, and e-commerce providers to help them track image theft and enforce infringement measures without the need for time-consuming processes and expensive legal costs. All they ask is a portion of the fees only if and when these are collected.

One of their most recent and successful high-profile cases was for music photographer Rab Lewin, who photographed Kurt Cobain and Nirvana in Berlin during the 1990s. Lewin recently discovered that a European TV station and a global online news site, among others, used his images without permission around the time of Cobain’s death anniversary in 2017. COPYTRACK took action and was able to collect approximately $2,300 (€2000) for European unauthorized usage (infringement prices are higher in the U.S.).

Photo by Rab Lewin,

COPYTRACK makes use of a proprietary Reverse Image Search Engine Technology to track duplicates of their clients’ images — whether photos, illustrations, or digital art — with a 98% accuracy. When working on a possible infringement case, they follow a four-part process; checking if the photo user or potential infringer already has a license to use the image; offering a post-licensing agreement if no license is produced so the involved party pays a fair fee for the license; revenue collection if the infringer refuses the second option; and lastly, a formal legal approach carried out by COPYTRACK’s global network of lawyers and collection companies, which may involve court proceedings.

Visit the COPYTRACK website to find out more about their services, sign-up for free, and start tracking your images for theft or copyright infringement.