Under $1000: 5 Weather Sealed Lenses with Great Image Quality

Don’t let the rain get you down, these weather sealed lenses will keep working if you’re rough on them.

Maybe I’m an extremist. But I believe that weather sealed lenses should be a standard these days. Even if you don’t want to shoot in the rain, you’ll benefit. Your camera sensor will be clean. Your entire package will be more durable. And best of all, you’ll have less maintenance. Weather sealed lenses are seriously just the best. And we’ve reviewed a ton of them over the years. So we’ve rounded up some extra special ones here.

Editor’s Note: All of our roundups only include gear that we’ve tested and approve of. We’re completely transparent about it. We also encourage you to click further into the full reviews if you’re interested. We’d never recommend something that we don’t have a full review for. The Phoblographer has always done this. With all the information out there, we pride ourselves on the large database of reviews that we’ve done.

Sigma 45mm f2.8 DG DN Contemporary: A Tiny One

In our review, we said:

“Overall, the Sigma 45mm f2.8 DG DN Contemporary exhibits very good image quality. If you didn’t know any better, you’d say that this is easily the image quality that an Art or Sports lens in Sigma’s lineup would have.”

Buy Now: Usually for $529

Editor’s Note: The Sigma 45mm isn’t full weather sealed. It’s only so at the mount and the front element. So we wouldn’t take it into the harshest rainfalls. But it can survive most showers.

Olympus 12-45mm f4 PRO: One of the Most Versatile Weather Sealed Lenses

In our review, we said:

“…I don’t have much to complain about with this lens. Of course, I wish it had a faster aperture. But it also focuses closely if you want bokeh.”

Buy Now: Usually $649

Pro Tip: Still afraid of your lenses getting soaked? To add more protection to your weather sealed lenses, use a UV filter. But get a high quality one or else the image quality will suffer. Combine this with the lens hood. The front of your lens will be well protected. Use weather sealed lenses with weather sealed camera bodies or else the effect will be lost.

Nikon 50mm f1.8 S: A Small But Solid Entry

In our review, we said:

“Thanks to the lens design that features 12 elements in 9 groups with 9 aperture blades, the bokeh produced by the Nikon NIKKOR Z 50mm f1.8 S will likely be pleasing to most photographers and does a good job separating your subject from the background.”

Buy Now: Usually $596

Tamron 35mm f2.8 DI III OSD: One of the Most Affordable Weather Sealed Lenses

In our review, we said:

“While bokeh fanatics tend to reach for brighter lenses, the Tamron 35mm f2.8 Di III OSD M1:2 (Model F053) is proof that even f2.8 lenses can hold their own when it comes to creamy bokeh. “

Buy Now: Usually $349

Fujifilm 23mm f2 R WR: A Legend Among Weather Sealed Lenses

In our review, we said:

“The best thing about this lens has to be the color rendition. As always, Fujifilm’s color rendition is second to none in part from the Fujifilm film profiles built into the camera. But then consider that this is a high quality lens and you’ve got a winning combination.”

Buy Now: Usually $449.95

Chris Gampat

Chris Gampat is the Editor in Chief, Founder, and Publisher of the Phoblographer. He also likes pizza.