This Is the Most Awesome Magnum Square Print Sale Yet!

All images in this post are used with permission from Magnum Photos. Lead photo by Alex Webb.

The Magnum Square Print Sale ends on the 20th, so you’ve got a bit of time to figure out prints you’d like. Below are links to prints by many of your favorite Magnum photographers. Of course, you can always just browse the list yourself by heading over to the Magnum Page. The idea behind this sale is Works of Imagination, each Magnum photographer surely has their own interpretation of this. The Magnum Square Print sale is a really solid opportunity to have your walls adorned with a Magnum photo. The company has also made great strides to working on diversification and telling stories of injustice around the world. Their photographers are some of the most relevant in the world today. Check out the listed below and grab a photo for $100.

Here are a few selections!

Antoine d’Agata
Allah, Khalik
Arthur, Olivia
Barbey, Bruno
Bar-Am, Micha
Berry, Ian
Black, Matt
Canaj, Enri
Çimen, Sabiha
Davidson, Bruce
Drake, Carolyn
Deal, Colby
Erwitt, Elliott
Franklin, Stuart
Gaumy, Jean
Goldberg, Jim
Gruyaert, Harry
Hurn, David
Hura, Sohrab
Kalvar, Richard
De Keyzer, Carl
Kubota, Hiroji
Landy, Elliott
Lyon, Danny
McCurry, Steve
Meloni, Lorenzo
Meiselas, Susan
Milach, Rafal
Martinez, Yael
Özmen, Emin
Parr, Martin
Pellegrin, Paolo
Power, Mark
Price, Hannah
Rai, Raghu
Reed, Eli
Ribeira, Lua
Saman, Moises
Sessini, Jerome
Soth, Alec
Towell, Larry
Webb, Alex
Sim, Chi Yin
Sama Alshaibi
Harry Benson
Dawoud Bey
Olgaç Bozalp
Phyllis Galembo
Nan Goldin
Bob Gruen
Sunil Gupta
Hassan Hajjaj
Todd Hido
Graciela Iturbide
Ari Marcopoulos
Mary Ellen Mark
Joel Meyerowitz
Richard Misrach
Nelson Morales
Jamal Nxedlana
Richard Renaldi
Mick Rock
Lisa Sarfati
Jamel Shabazz
Chanell Stone
Stephen Tayo
Arthur Tress
Paolo Ventura
Shen Wei
James Welling
KangHee Kim
Ayana Jackson

Chris Gampat

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