This Is the Most Awesome Magnum Square Print Sale Yet!

All images in this post are used with permission from Magnum Photos. Lead photo by Alex Webb.

The Magnum Square Print Sale ends on the 20th, so you’ve got a bit of time to figure out prints you’d like. Below are links to prints by many of your favorite Magnum photographers. Of course, you can always just browse the list yourself by heading over to the Magnum Page. The idea behind this sale is Works of Imagination, each Magnum photographer surely has their own interpretation of this. The Magnum Square Print sale is a really solid opportunity to have your walls adorned with a Magnum photo. The company has also made great strides to working on diversification and telling stories of injustice around the world. Their photographers are some of the most relevant in the world today. Check out the listed below and grab a photo for $100.

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