Look in Awe at the “Life in Black and White” GuruShots Contest Winners

These photos from the GuruShots Life in Black and White contest are going to make you want to grab your camera.

GuruShots just got done with their Life in Black and White photo contest that challenged photographers to share photos with that classic look everyone loves. Black and white photography has always been a huge source of inspiration for lots of us. And many photographers even today only want to shoot in black and white. Lots of folks still want to do the work in post-production. And that’s fine! What matters at the end of it all is how the photo looks. That’s even more important with a contest. So curl up at home and check out the exceptional entries into this contest. For the best viewing experience, we recommend that you grab a cup of coffee and scroll through on your desktop. Or curl up with your laptop, sit back, and take in these shots.

Pinar Beğendik, Turkey – Top Photographer

The winner of top photographer comes from Pınar Beğendik in Turkey. These photos depict horses in their majestic beauty. Horses have long been prized by humanity far longer than we’ve had automobiles. They’re not always used these days for transportation, but they’re beautiful to look at and admire. Showcasing these steeds in black and white was effective for a few reasons. For starters, we’re positive that the colors aren’t important to the storytelling anyway. What you’re focusing on instead is just how radiant the horses are. The colors are irrelevant in the open plains and the fields. Instead, it’s all about the moment. Horses in a situation like this aren’t’ photographed very often anymore. Since most of us don’t see this every day, Pinar’s work provides a window into this world. Congrats, Pinar. This entry into the GuruShots Life in Black and White contest is stellar.

Alessandra Orrù, Italy – Top Photo

Are you noticing a trend here? From Alessandra Orrù in Italy, we get this great pick (no pun intended) for the GuruShots Life in Black and White contest Top Photo. It’s another horse photograph! In this case, it’s a beautiful portrait that finds a pleasing contrast between the light and the dark. We wonder if these horses are related at all. They stand out so well from the background too.

El Karailieva, Bulgaria – Guru’s Top Pick

The award of Top Guru’s Pick goes to El Karailieva from Bulgaria. It’s yet another portrait that finds a way to balance the light and the dark. We’re curious to know how this would have looked in color though, as we can imagine some neon lights creating some crazy cool shades. A lot of credit should be given to the model’s wardrobe, her makeup, and of course the photographer. Great job!

You’re Going to Love These Photos

More photos from the GuruShots Life in Black and White contest.

We thank you all for entering the GuruShots Life in Black and White contest. Black and white is one of our favorite genres and it of course goes across multiple practices. One can easily say it’s the most difficult as it’s all about tonality, balance, and making sure you’ve got effective subject matter. In some ways, it teaches us to become better photographers. Don’t believe us? Try it. Shoot in all black and white and JPEG for a year and see what you get. At the end of the year, you’ll have become a much better photographer.

Editor’s Note: This is a sponsored post from GuruShots.

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