This $19 Photography Software Resizes Images Without Detail Loss, More

If you want to optimize images for the web, grab some presets, or learn some new skills, you need to check out these deals on photography software.

We know the challenges of uploading our images to the web. Sometimes file sizes can be huge, and we have to take into account things like data caps. Fortunately, there is a piece of software that can resize your images without detail loss, and right now it’s just $19! There are deals on presets like this bundle of 7500 LR presets for $29, this bundle of 2500 Photoshop overlays for $29, and this bundle of Affinity presets for $19! there are also great deals on tutorials like this 7-1 Nude Photography video learning bundle, which is just $69, and you can learn all there is to know about landscape photography for only $29! Check out more photography software deals after the break.

Photo Optimizer for Photoshop & Lightroom

Have you been searching for an easy way to resize your images for the web? Have you been worried that resizing your images will reduce quality? With the Photo Optimizer for Photoshop & Lightroom, you will have an easy to use piece of software that can reduce file sizes by 60/70% and the reduction in size will not cause any reduction in the quality of your image.

Photography software

This fantastic piece of photography software will allow you to:

  • Creates files 60-70% smaller than from Save for Web options in Lightroom and Photoshop
  • Remove EXIF thumbnail – Lightroom generates a small thumbnail that takes up 10-20kb space and is rarely used when publishing images on the web
  • Strip ALL metadata (including thumbnail) – Completely removes all metadata from the image. Also, handy if you want to share images anonymously.
  • Encode Progressively – Besides the different display behavior during the image download, progressive JPEGs are also smaller
  • Recompress JPEG – This option will switch to the external encoder and not use Lightroom for JPEG encoding anymore. Instead, it will force Lightroom to export a temporary TIFF file to prevent double-compression and achieve maximum quality. Keep the image format set to JPEG, the quality value will be ignored.
  • Subsample Chroma– Subsampling reduces the resolution of the color channels, which is barely noticeable by the human eye. The Lightroom encoder enables this for all quality settings below 54, jpeg-archive allows you to manually choose this for all quality levels.
Photography software

This plug-in is available for both Lightroom and Photoshop. Each version is just $19, or for a limited time, you can get both for just $29! If you want to save space and improve your uploading process, this photography software is for you.

Buy now Lightroom or Photoshop: $19 each

Buy together: $29

More Photography Software Deals

Now is the perfect time to learn some new skills, and go through your existing catalog of Lightroom and Photoshop images to give them a new lick of paint. The deals below can save you huge amounts of money. There is nothing better than investing in yourself, and improving current work is always a plus. Check out all the photography software deals below.

Brushes, Overlays, Presets, and More

Photography software

550+ Professional Affinity Presets Bundle $19 (Save $206)

Anamorphic Pro: Professional Lens Blur Tool $19.99 (Save $10)

700 Graphix Photoshop Brushes Bundle $27 (Save $163)

2500+ Professional Photo Overlays Bundle $29 (Save $1,471)

1000+ Awesome Photoshop Brushes $29 (Save $40)

ProPresets X: The Ultimate Massive Presets Collection $29 (Save $30)

1030 Premium Photoshop Actions Bundle $29 (Save $10.95)

1000 Dreamy Wedding Photo Overlays Bundle $39 (Save $270)

1250 Lightroom Wedding Presets Bundle To Add The Charm $29 (Save $100)

7500 Premium Lightroom Presets $39 (Save $861)

Tutorials and More

Photography software

101 Photography T-Shirts Design Bundle For Photographers $19 (Save $180)

Instagram 101 : Everything You Need To Know $19 (Save $40)

Fine Art Nude Male Posing Guide By Lindsay Adler $15 (Save $4.99)

The Boudoir Lingerie Guide: Bedazzle Your Photography Business $19 (Save $30)

Learn Lightroom With 7 Case Studies $29 (Save $38)

The Ultimate Landscape Photography Course $29 (Save $70)

StyleMyPic’s Pro Workflow Extension Panel For Photoshop $39 (Save $60)

7-In-1 Nude Photography Video Course Bundle $69 (Save $176)

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