How You Can Create Cinematic Images for Just $39

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At just $39, you can get cinematic images with this Capture One Styles Pack.

Capture One Pro is an outstanding image editor, and ever since version 12 came along, third parties have been able to design and develop style packs for it. Until now, a lot of those styles packs have been a hundred dollars or more, but those crazy price points are a thing of the past. You can get your hands on a Capture One Styles Pack that will blow you away for just $39. For a limited amount of time, you can save 50% on this Capture One Style Packs from Nathan Elson that will give you gorgeous black and white images and incredible cinematic looks that would take hours to create yourself. Jump past the break to find out more about this deal. 

Capture One Styles Packs offer a fast, convenient way to edit your images. With the single click of a mouse, you can completely transform the look and feel of your photos. The styles that come in this bundle are excellent and contain two easy to use packs (Cinematic, and Black and White). You’re going to get a lot for $39. The Cinematic pack comes with 11 styles:

  • Bwck: Create images with a gritty black-and-white look
  • Focus: Subtly enhance key details with the use of shadows
  • Charcoal: Dramatic dark shades will lend a unique look to any photo
  • Bwpop: Make small details pop with black and white contrast
  • Cinema: Give your subject all the drama of a darkened movie theater
  • Huehue: Subtly highlight selected colors
  • Dark Spaces: Add an element of shadowy mystery
  • Push and Pull: Draws you in yet holds you at a distance
  • Sun Kissed: Lends your photo warm, cheery tones of summer
  • Cool Off: Provides the peaceful cool tone of a lakeshore
  • Get Chilly: The sparkling look of winter
Capture One Styles

All of the Capture One styles will work with RAW and JPEG images from all camera brands. All you have to do is install and use them, and you’ll be creating stunning pictures in no time. The black and white pack is equally as impressive and comes with eight styles in total. You’ll find styles named Carbon, Edimag, Hkl, Focus, Bwck, Paris, Shades of Grey, and Slate. Photographers who adore black and white images will feel right at home with this pack.

Capture One Styles

Remember, you’re going to get both of these stunning Capture One Styles Packs for just $39! The price of this bundle is usually $80, but for a limited amount of time you’ll be able to save 50%. If you use Capture One Pro (read our review), and want to get your hands on some seriously stunning Capture One styles on the cheap, you should grab this deal while you can.

Buy now ($39): Photowhoa

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