Troll Post: No Red Dot on Your Camera Means Your Images Suck

A little light-hearted photography humor to help us get through these trying times.

For years, photographers around the globe have been wondering why their images pale in comparison to pictures from other photographers out there. No matter what they have tried, the masses simply have not been able to reach the heights of an elite group of photographers who seem to have a mysterious red dot on their cameras. Fortunately for us, the mystery behind this issue has been solved by a Redditor who put a new theory to the test. Join us after the break for a little photography humor and to find out what has been discovered.

We stumbled across some photography humor on a thread at Reddit where the OP discovered not only the magical powers of Leica cameras but also the God-like qualities of Portra 400 film too. Is this it, my fellow photographers? Has the key to great photos finally been discovered?

According to the post (after running it through Google Translate, of course), we found out that using film makes you feel nostalgic, which apparently automatically makes you a better photographer, and will enable you to take better pictures. Who knew? The answer has been under our noses the whole time! The poster also discovered that if you use digital cameras, the tones in your images will be trash, and your images instantly become worse, thus making you a very bad, no good photographer. The OP also stated that as soon as he started using film, his girlfriend stripped bare naked for him, and he had the shoot of his life; keep in mind, this was all from just using Portra 400!

Photography humor

Another key finding from these experiments was that if your camera doesn’t have some kind of magical red dot on the front of it, your images are that much worse; in fact, without the red dot, you can’t be considered a real photographer at all.

Indeed, after this Redditor picked up a Leica camera with the bright red dot on the front, his images were so good that all of life’s stresses were lifted from his shoulders. Not only was he enlightened, but his images were also the best ever taken in the history of the world! We can only imagine what would have happened if he loaded up a Leica with some Portra 400 in front of his girlfriend!

Photography humor

So there you have it guys and gals, the secret to taking the best photos the world has ever seen is to load a roll of Portra 400 into a Leica. Ditch your digital cameras now if you want to be a real photographer! We urge you to be careful with this information. The Phoblographer cannot be held accountable for dozens of men or women who may strip down to their birthday suits in front of you because they realize you’re now one the best photographers in the world thanks to Leica and Portra 400 film. We also cannot take responsibility for any animals that try to hump your legs. This is just something you will have to live with now that you have ascended to the upper echelons of the photography world. Everyone and everything is going to want a piece of you. Keep these things in mind before you buy a Leica and some Portra 400.