What if the Canon Zoom Lens Trio are All F2 Zoom Lenses?

If Canon releases a trio of f2 zoom lenses, then their system will be just that much better.

I’m perhaps fantasizing here, but I think that the idea of Canon changing up the traditional zoom lens trio would make things even more fun in the photography world. Arguably, the most significant redeeming factor of the Canon RF system so far is their lenses. We have yet to see how the Canon R5 will perform. But it would make Sony rethink their system of already excellent lenses, and it would put Canon in a much better position. So what lenses am I talking about?

Canon RF 28-70mm f2 L USM

Let’s start with the first lens in the series. When Canon announced the RF series, this was one of the first lenses that came out. Sure, it’s massive. It’s heavy. But it’s also arguably the single best zoom lens on the market. We haven’t seen f2 zoom lenses except for Sigma 24-35mm f2 Art. A series of them were from Olympus’ Four-Thirds days, and Sigma’s f1.8 zoom is also still only for APS-C. But this Canon lens is a full workable range, and despite it being large, it’s terrific. It’s a first–a full-frame lens to be able to deliver this level of quality with this range. It’s truly a unique thing for their system.

Canon RF 14-28mm f2 L USM

There have been different reports on what the f2 wide-angle prime lens will be. And don’t get me wrong, a lens like this will be monstrous and massive. Again though, too, this is all speculation and simply fantasizing about what Canon could possibly do. But a lens like this would be great for a lot of stuff, including Astrophotography. Paired with the Canon EOS Ra, it would be perfect in so many ways. And with the EOS R5 being a higher megapixel sensor, landscape photographers will have a better time with vast, sweeping vistas. But perhaps the photographers that could benefit the most are event shooters. If you’re photographing a wedding venue and really trying to tell the story differently, this lens could do it while also letting you be a fly on the wall.

Canon RF 70-135mm f2 L USM

This is the lens that’s being talked about a lot more. And it’s also perhaps the oddest of the three. A 70-135mm f2 admittedly seems like a less workable distance to cover. It would be a specialized lens for portrait photographers. Wedding and event photographers truly benefit from 200mm focal lengths for several different scenarios. But if a lens like this exists, then it will not only be physically large, but it’s bound to render beautiful images. If you’ve ever shot with Canon’s 135mm f2 L lens, then you’ll know how gorgeous the photos are and what it does for the skin. I’m only hoping that Canon does that here with this lens.

Chris Gampat

Chris Gampat is the Editor in Chief, Founder, and Publisher of the Phoblographer. He also likes pizza.