This Canon Demi EE17 Looks Gorgeous in Custom Green Cover

If you’ve ever wondered about personalizing vintage cameras like this Canon Demi EE17, opting for a new custom leather cover could give them a fresh look.

While our favorite vintage cameras are classic beauties as is, we understand how it can be a fun idea to make them extra personal. Reskinning with custom leather covers is a popular way to do this. In some cases, this customization is necessary when the original leather cover has started to deteriorate or peel away. In any case, if you’d like your vintage cameras to have a pop of color to suit your style, we think this customized Canon Demi EE17 may inspire you with some ideas or finally convince you to give it a go.

We spotted this gorgeous Canon Demi EE17 from the Instagram of Vermont-based LeZot Complete Camera Center, showing the classic half-frame camera in refreshing seafoam green and classy snakeskin texture. “A little pop of color to break through the snow flurries,” they wrote on the description and noted that they can give almost any film camera a fresh new look through their custom cover service. If you’re lucky, you may even find cameras like this, already professionally serviced and ready to shoot, for sale on their webshop or Etsy page.

Admittedly, some re-skin and repaint projects just don’t work. We see a lot of these on eBay, sadly, with some iconic cameras painted in garish or blinding colors, as was the case in this red Pentax 6×7 and this lime green Canon P rangefinder. Some cameras are also not worth the risk of modifying, repainting, or reskinning, especially collectible cameras. But, if it works well, as was the case with this refurbished Leica M4-P in “Blue Lizard” grain leather cover, we say, go get it done!

So, if you’re ready to give your vintage SLR or rangefinder camera a new look, a reskin could be in order!