Film Carrier 120: Scan Medium Format Negatives With Digital Cameras

Finally, medium format shooters can use digital cameras to scan their negatives with the Film Carrier 120.

Film photographers looking for a quick way to digitize their negatives are in for a treat. Say hello to the Film Carrier 120, a Kickstarter holder by Negative Supply that allows easy scanning of medium format negatives. The Philadelphia-based company also introduced the Film Carrier MK1 for 35mm negatives last year and has been developing the Film Carrier 120 alongside it.

The Film Carrier 120, together with the optional Pro Mount MK2, promises that you’ll be able to scan either entire rolls of 120 film negatives or cut strips in less than two minutes. It also offers the flexibility to support different aspects of medium format film, from 6×4.5 to 6×9 for full-frame scans with a thin black border.

As with the 35mm Film Carrier MK1, this medium format version will delicately move the film using a silicone drive roller that will not be in contact with the emulsion part. However, because of the extra width of 120 films, this version had to be fitted with a more complex mechanism that holds the film flat. This magnetically locking, spring-loaded film mask can be easily raised and lowered between frames.

The prototype featured in the campaign shows a chrome unit, but the production model will come in a Black Anodized Hardcoat Finish.

Check out some sample scans below:

The campaign still has a little less than a month to go, but funding has already surpassed its goal. That says a lot about how many photographers are in need of this contraption. If you’re one of them, head to the Film Carrier 120 Kickstarter campaign to pledge your support and check out the reward options available.

Photos from the Film Carrier 120 Kickstarter campaign