Why a Good Camera Can Take Really Bad Photos

If someone ever told you to get only the latest and the greatest camera to get good photos, they’re terribly mistaken, as this quick video reminds us.

Planning to get your first serious camera and have been eyeing some of the latest and the greatest models? If you’ve been convinced that it will give you the most impressive photos, you have to do something about that mindset. In a quick video by Luke Ayers (who we’ve featured several times in the past), he wants every photographer to understand that the good camera = good photos idea is a myth.

The video below, an excerpt from Luke’s new, fun online photography course, is a gentle reminder that anyone who wants to get into the craft can do so with any camera. If you’re just starting out, you don’t need one of those expensive, pro equipment that you can’t afford straight away; you need a camera that you can practice with. So, any camera within your means and has decent capabilities will be good enough.

To prove his point, Luke brought out an old Canon DSLR and a cheap lens that he still sometimes shoots with — the same camera that he used and owned for over a decade. “Fifty gajillion models out of date,” as he described, yet he still uses it because most people can’t see the difference with the image quality. That’s what happens when you know how to use the camera well. If you have that knowledge and experience, you can make any camera work for you.

“When you know how to take good photos, you can take the worst quality camera and you can take a great photo out of it,” Luke stressed. This is why it’s important to invest in time, practice, and knowledge of what makes a good photo instead of expensive gear straight away. “It’s not about your equipment, it’s about how you use it.”

Photography workshops and courses are perfect opportunities for you to stock up on some essential tips and tricks that will make sure you get great photos with any camera, old or new. If you’re interested in learning from Luke Ayers, check out his new online photography course that will walk you through learning the craft the simple yet fun way.