Why a Good Camera Can Take Really Bad Photos

If someone ever told you to get only the latest and the greatest camera to get good photos, they’re terribly mistaken, as this quick video reminds us.

Planning to get your first serious camera and have been eyeing some of the latest and the greatest models? If you’ve been convinced that it will give you the most impressive photos, you have to do something about that mindset. In a quick video by Luke Ayers (who we’ve featured several times in the past), he wants every photographer to understand that the good camera = good photos idea is a myth.

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Masters of Photography Masterclass with David Yarrow Out Soon

If you’re looking for online courses to improve your photography, the upcoming Masters of Photography class with bestselling fine art photographer David Yarrow could be right up your alley.

Investing in photography skills is just as important as investing in the right gear. With this in mind, it’s a good idea to try some online courses and workshops from the world’s best photographers. Among these are the popular classes offered by Masters of Photography. Bestselling fine art photographer David Yarrow is the latest esteemed photographer to join their roster, and we now have a preview of what his masterclass will cover.

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