Masters of Photography Masterclass with David Yarrow Out Soon

If you’re looking for online courses to improve your photography, the upcoming Masters of Photography class with bestselling fine art photographer David Yarrow could be right up your alley.

Investing in photography skills is just as important as investing in the right gear. With this in mind, it’s a good idea to try some online courses and workshops from the world’s best photographers. Among these are the popular classes offered by Masters of Photography. Bestselling fine art photographer David Yarrow is the latest esteemed photographer to join their roster, and we now have a preview of what his masterclass will cover.

“What I try and do as a photographer, I want to take pictures that grab people’s attention and then hold that attention,” Yarrow says in the intro video for his upcoming masterclass. He proceeds to take us behind the scenes of his shoots and the impressive photography he is known for.

The intro video also tells us that over 55 action-packed lessons await attendees of the masterclass with Yarrow. It will feature lessons filmed entirely on location in five continents, and we can see from the video how it’s meant both to inspire and educate. Wildlife photographers and travel photographers may find this masterclass especially exciting.

“Over the course of this series, I hope I can maybe encourage you to believe that there is a way that you can become stronger as a photographer,” Yarrow concludes in his introduction.

Masters of Photography is known for tapping some of the most iconic photographers of recent decades for their masterclass offerings. So, while there’s no word yet on the availability of Yarrow’s masterclass, you may also want to check out the ones by Albert Watson, Steve McCurry, and Joel Meyerowitz. Also, be sure to keep tabs on the Masters of Photography website to stay updated with their upcoming masterclasses!


Screenshot image from the video by Masters of Photography