Luke Ayers: The Life of a Professional Product Photographer


All images by Luke Ayers. Used with permission.

Product photography comes in all different shapes and schemes–just ask photographer Luke Ayers. He’s a photographer that has used the cheapest eBay lights to impress clients and became obsessed with learning how to light, tell stories by using light, and use lighting to make things just look great. Luke was invited to be a part of the Creating the Photograph series, and showed us that besides what he does for clients, he can also use light to create beautiful scenes for the fashion world.

Luke talked to the Phoblographer about the business, lighting, and how wants to grow even more as a photographer.

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Creating the Photograph: Luke Ayers’s “Strobe Struck”


Creating the Photograph is an original series where photographers teach you about how they concepted an image, shot it, and edited it. The series has a heavy emphasis on teaching readers how to light. Want to be featured? Email chrisgampat[at]thephoblographer[dot]com.

Photographer Luke Ayers has been shooting for 12 years, and 12 the age of 25, he is a full time pro photographer based in Sydney, Australia. He mostly specializes in high end product photography, but he also loves to shoot portraits with speedlights and strobe just for the fun of it. When he emailed the Phoblographer to show off some of his portrait and strobist work, he showed us an image from his first ever fashion shoot for a haute couture label.

What’s even cooler is that Luke never had any formal training.

Here’s Luke’s story. Be sure to follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

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Why a Good Camera Can Take Really Bad Photos

If someone ever told you to get only the latest and the greatest camera to get good photos, they’re terribly mistaken, as this quick video reminds us.

Planning to get your first serious camera and have been eyeing some of the latest and the greatest models? If you’ve been convinced that it will give you the most impressive photos, you have to do something about that mindset. In a quick video by Luke Ayers (who we’ve featured several times in the past), he wants every photographer to understand that the good camera = good photos idea is a myth.

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Creating Product Photos with a Dirt Cheap Budget

Product Shot

Don’t get me wrong, you don’t need a flash or the greatest lighting setup to create seamless white backdrop photos–but a flash will give you the sharpest images due to how flash duration works. However, photographer Luke Ayers has a tutorial video (below the jump) on how to do it with a single light, shoe boxes, a white board, paper and a simple lamp you can use at home.

Luke, who not only creates swanky fashion work, shoots products for a living.

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COVID-19 Sent Photographer Michel Leroy Down AC/DC’s Highway to Hell

Creating the Photograph is an original series where photographers teach how they created an image with their lighting and minimal use of post-production. The series has a heavy emphasis on teaching how to light. Want to be featured? Here’s how you can submit.

Michel Leroy is an entertainment and advertising photographer based out of New York. As most of you are undoubtedly aware, New York is one of the cities hardest hit by the novel coronavirus outbreak. As a result, much of the photography industry in New York is in a holding pattern at the moment. To say that we’re living in interesting times right now would be quite an understatement. Creativity is what drives us as photographers. But how do you create when we’re all confined within our homes? When the whole world is essentially on pause? Looking to social media for inspiration, Michel stumbled upon his friend Phil Adams’ recreation of Blondie’s Parallel Lines album cover using found objects from around the house. This project led Michel to do a similar project with his family. For his take on the concept, Michel decided on AC/DC’s classic Highway to Hell cover. With celebrity chefs and Olympic athletes amongst his subjects, Michel’s produced style lends an authentic connection to these personalities. His images reveal a level of comfort and vitality shared amongst friends, and you can clearly see this on display here.

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Elevating the Art of Cosplay Photography: Don’t Be Another GWC

Cosplay photography has become more and more popular and it’s more important to get a number of things clear.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of comic book, video game, cinema, television, and pop culture enthusiasts descend upon the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center on the west side of Manhattan to attend New York Comic Con, an annual convention that’s being held later this week for its 13th year. Last year, New York Comic Con attracted over 200,000 attendees, and it is projected that attendance numbers will possibly exceed nearly a quarter of a million this year. While a majority of the people in attendance are average consumers looking to check out the latest offerings from comic book publishers, video game developers, movie and television studios, as well as panel discussions and meet and greet photo ops with their favorite celebrities, there has been a rapid growth in attendees donning costumes of characters from their favorite fandom. Ranging from casual to wildly elaborate, cosplaying (the practice of dressing up as your favorite character) has become such a big component of conventions like New York Comic Con that the Eastern Championships of Cosplay competition has been held at New York Comic Con since 2014, with winners going on to compete at national level cosplay competitions.

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Splash Wars Creates Star Wars Characters Using Milk and Models


All images by Manu Cabanero. Used with permission.

“I’m a geek passionate for films and comics.” says Manu Cabanero in his email to the Phoblographer about his latest and greatest photo project called Splash Wars. Inspired by the work of Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz, Manu is a self-taught portrait photographer based in Barcelona.

While exploring Behance, I found his profile and the work he was doing way back in September. But Manu told me of a bigger project he was working on. So far, he’s only done with part one of Splash Wars, and there is much more to come.

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