Spider Holster Wants to Make Carrying Your Gear Easier with 4 New Tools

If you’re looking for gear carrying solutions that could make life easier, you should check out these new products from Spider Holster.

If you have been looking for some new ways to carry your gear, some news from the guys and gals at Spider Holster may interest you. Following the success of their Spiderpro Single and Dual Camera carrying Systems, Spider Holster just announced four new items that will help make carrying your gear fuss-free. The products include a new hand strap, a new lens collar plate, and much more. Join us after the break for all the details.

Being able to get around with our gear safely in tow is incredibly important, especially seeing as cameras and lenses can cost a small fortune these days. There are all kinds of straps and gear carrying accessories around, but Spider Holster is hoping you’ll take a look at their new lineup.

First up is the new SpiderPro Handstrap v2. These hand straps are compatible with all DSLR’s and Mirrorless cameras. The latest version of the strap features proprietary Nylon Cores, which can conform to your hand shape after repeated use, and it also features a broader memory foam interior so that it’s comfortable to use for long periods. There is also a non-leather option too for those who prefer not to use animal products. The Graphite option is made of a high-strength Hypalon synthetic fiber, and has a carbon-fiber finish! If you want a new strap that can work even if you have a battery grip on your camera you can pick one up for $70.

Spider Holster

Spider Holster has also announced the Lens Collar Plate v2. If you have a zoom lens with a tripod collar, you can attach the new plate to the tripod collar and then holster it in the Spiderpro Single and Dual Camera carrying Systems. This way, you can make sure the weight of the lens is supported, and no extra strain is placed on the lens mount of your camera. The lens collar is also Arca-Swiss compatible so that you can put it right onto any Arca-Swiss style tripod. One of these can be yours for $55.

Spider Holster

If you’re looking for an all-in-one storage solution, or you want to be able to clip just about anything on to the SpriderPro carrying system, the SpiderMonkey Ultimate Kit could be what you’re looking for. The kit includes a bag strap clamp, a backpack adapter, a utility pouch, multi-feature tabs, rotating and non-rotating action grips, a studio assistant which looks like it might be perfect for keeping your studio in order, and a ton more. Prices of the kits range from $55-$75.

Spider Holster

Last but not least is a new Spider Light Z plate for Nikon’s Z6 and Z7. Because Nikon wanted to make things complicated, Spider Holster had to go back to the drawing board, but it looks like they have come up with a solution for existing and new users of the SpiderPro belts.

The Spider Light Z Plate is designed to work with or without the FTZ Mount Adapter. It’s also adjustable, which means you can open your battery door without removing it, and it will attach to any Arca-Swiss tripod head. You can grab one for $32. If you’d like more information about the new Spider Holster items, head to the official Spider Holster website.

Brett Day

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