Spider Holster Wants to Make Carrying Your Gear Easier with 4 New Tools

If you’re looking for gear carrying solutions that could make life easier, you should check out these new products from Spider Holster.

If you have been looking for some new ways to carry your gear, some news from the guys and gals at Spider Holster may interest you. Following the success of their Spiderpro Single and Dual Camera carrying Systems, Spider Holster just announced four new items that will help make carrying your gear fuss-free. The products include a new hand strap, a new lens collar plate, and much more. Join us after the break for all the details.

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Spider Holster’s Back With the New SpiderPro Hand Strap

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We’re no stranger to Spider Holster’s products. We previously took a look at their Black Widow harness, and have feature a number of the takes on straps and things for your cameras and accessories, though the Spider Monkey nearly gave us a heart attack. Now, they’ve got an S-shaped strap called the Spider Pro Hand Strap.

Essentially, it attaches to the top right hook and a base plate that’s fastened to the tripod thread underneath. The material for the bottom connection is thin enough that it can fit between the camera and any tripod plate. The curve of the strap allows easy access to the SD card slot and battery compartment. It’s made from a combination of materials, with leather being the most prominent.

It’s available in black for $65, or in a color (cream, red, brown, kodiak) for $75. We’ll let you know what we think when we get a unit in to review, though we wager it’ll be mighty useful for folks photographing outdoors, events, concerts and protests.

Head on for product images.

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