The New Canon 1DX Mk III Could Hint at the Next EOS R’s Features

The Canon 1DX Mk III packs a lot of cool features, and we hope that they’ll be in Canon’s Pro-Grade EOS R camera.

“That’s a great question,” was our Canon rep’s reply when we asked about the new flash modes on the Canon 1Dx Mk III. When doing TTL, the flash settings can be configured to give more priority to ambient light or the flash itself with a selection of the menu. This is only one of the new features on the Canon 1DX Mk III. To be honest, a lot of them seem to be centered around the autofocus abilities of the camera while shooting in Live View. It’s for just that reason that we think the Canon 1Dx Mk III is going to hint at what’s coming with a new Canon EOS R.

Besides the improvements to autofocus and the flash improvements, one of the strangest moves is the new sensor. The Canon 1Dx Mk III’s 20.1MP sensor is brand new, but with slightly fewer megapixels than the previous camera model. Canon is saying that, by doing this, they guarantee at least around one stop of dynamic range and high ISO improvement. For what it’s worth, Canon’s output even at higher megapixels wasn’t all that bad. We’ve made 17×22 inch prints from them and really enjoy what we get.

Let’s talk about the autofocus very quickly though: many of the improvements are around using the camera in live view mode. For example, face detection and much of the improvements that came to the EOS R via firmware updates are present in the Canon 1Dx Mk III. There is also a new automatic case setting for autofocusing. Previously, the user had to configure both the right balance of tracking and sensitivity to make the Canon EOS R hold up to the Sony a9 series of cameras. But, it sounds like this will change with the new setting. The only thing potentially holding back Canon is the motors and heavier glass in their EF mount lenses.

What we’re not talking about is the new $649.99 WFT-E9 wireless file transmitter. In terms of pricing, the Canon 1DX Mk III will cost you $6,499 when it hits the market in February, before the 2020 Olympics. Either way, you’ll want to check out what’s new in our massive list below.

The Canon 1DX Mk III: What’s New?

Ease of Use

  • Minimized blackout when shooting, and you can see the subject as it moves through the frame
  • New drive mechanism to support 16fps shooting
  • Live view burst is 20fps with autofocus and auto exposure
  • Dual Pixel CMOS AF
  • It can work just like a 1D X Mk II if set correctly
  • ETT-L Face-priority face flash control (not sure about HSS)
  • ETT-L Balance: Ambience, standard, or flash priority
  • AF-On button is also smart controller: it lets you move your thumb to choose an AF point
  • The smart controller is both vertical and horizontal
  • There is still the joystick
  • Button illumination
  • Back LCD: 2.1 million dots
  • Fully capable touch screen
  • The viewfinder displays elements shown in red


  • Dust and moisture resistant
  • Magnesium alloy
  • 90 grams lighter


  • Gigabit ethernet
  • New network tab added
  • https security
  • GPS
  • Wifi
  • BLE
  • Simultaneous communications with multiple protocols
  • Communication and function settings can be shared with multiple groups
  • USB 3.1 Gen 2
  • Ethernet
  • Sync time between cameras


  • New sensor: 20.1 MP CMOS Sensor
  • 16 point low pass filter
  • New processor: DIGIX X processor for more resolution and high ISO processing
  • New imaging processing is 3.1x faster and computing is 380x faster
  • New AF Algorithm
  • 10 bit HDR PQ HEIF: Does not replace JPEG but can be shot alongside RAW files
  • ISO 102,400 high ISO expandable to 800,000
  • 1 stop improvement in high ISO
  • ISO 100-102,400
  • Clarity compensation similar to Lightroom but not the same algorithms
  • Canon Cloud Imaging and Noise Reduction: You can take RAW files and by using Cloud Imaging to process noise and details. Basically cloud computing to suppress noise
  • 16 fps shooting with autofocus and AE tracking


  • Uses dual pixel CMOS AF
  • The electronic shutter is silent
  • CFExpress format. Dual card
  • Allowing around 1,000 shots in RAW
  • Square pixel high-res AF sensor for autofocus
  • 400,000 dot RGB and IR metering sensor
  • 191 AF points and 155 cross-type
  • New automatic case setting for Servo Autofocusing
  • AF to -4 to 21 EV
  • Face and Eye detection in live view shooting
  • F8 with autofocus over the entire area
  • 90 x 100 imaging area for AF tracking depending on the lenses you use
  • In live view, you can focus at f11 with autofocus tracking via the entire area
  • A lot of autofocus performance in Live View


  • 4k 60p
  • 5.5k 60p raw video mode: 12-bit gradation at 2600MBPS at 60p. But won’t do AF. At slower frame rates, it will do AF.
  • 10-bit in-camera recording
  • 4K IPB
  • Electronic IS in movie mode
  • Focus peaking
  • No zebras
  • 4k video without cropping