The New Canon 1DX Mk III Could Hint at the Next EOS R’s Features

The Canon 1DX Mk III packs a lot of cool features, and we hope that they’ll be in Canon’s Pro-Grade EOS R camera.

“That’s a great question,” was our Canon rep’s reply when we asked about the new flash modes on the Canon 1Dx Mk III. When doing TTL, the flash settings can be configured to give more priority to ambient light or the flash itself with a selection of the menu. This is only one of the new features on the Canon 1DX Mk III. To be honest, a lot of them seem to be centered around the autofocus abilities of the camera while shooting in Live View. It’s for just that reason that we think the Canon 1Dx Mk III is going to hint at what’s coming with a new Canon EOS R.

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Could the Canon 1DX MK III Be Canon’s Last DSLR?

The Canon 1DX MK III is going to be a massive release, but will it be the final nail in the DSLR coffin.

2020 is going to be a gigantic year for camera manufacturers because of the Olympics. Nikon has stated they are working on the new Nikon D6, and the Sony A9 II seems to be taking shape nicely as well. That just leaves Canon. Canon’s last pro body camera, the 1Dx Mk II was released three years ago: to say it is due an update is an understatement. If recent reports are reliable the Canon 1DX MK III will grace us with it’s DSLR presence soon, but will it be the last DSLR from Canon? Let’s talk about this after the break! Continue reading…