Our Favorite Leica M Mount Lenses for the Street Photographer in You

Leica M mount lenses are still some of the most effective tools that help photographers capture the moment.

The Leica M mount is a manual focus mount that teaches street photographers to do what many people don’t do today: shoot with intent. How many times have you walked by a photo shoot happening and have seen someone just holding the shutter button down? Or, how many times have you seen someone say, “I’ll fix it in post.” The Leica M mount trains you to be in tune with your environment, walk up to a scene, and shoot. You need to be present. And, more importantly, you need the right lens.

Leica lenses range from incredibly expensive pieces that will outlive you, to affordable options from both Leica and third parties. They deliver image quality you just don’t get with autofocus lenses. They’re also compact, well built, and won’t hurt your shoulder after a day of use. What’s more, they’re specialized tools designed for the photographer who captures and documents. Before you go on, you should know that we purposely didn’t include a 50mm lens on this list: it’s very difficult to make us like a 50mm lens. But, we’ve got something close.

7Artisans 35mm F2

“The focus throw is narrow enough to give you very careful precision when it comes to singling out one subject from another in the scene.”

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Buy Now: $288

Pro Tip: When photographing your four legged friends, get low.

Leica 28mm F1.4 Summilux

“…if you’re an experienced Leica shooter or know how to work with rangefinders, then this lens will be one of the easiest to use.”

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Buy Now: $7,295

How to Use a Rangefinder Camera (With Zone Focusing)

Leica Summaron-M 28mm F5.6

“…this lens is designed to give a very classic, though manicured, look. In fact, I wish more manufacturers made lenses like this.”

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BONUS: Leica 40mm F2 Rokkor

“You almost never need to stop it down, but when you do it’s going to get even sharper.”

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