Ilford Photo Is Asking for Input on Darkroom Printing Habits

If you’re a film photographer who develops and prints your own photos, Ilford wants to know your darkroom printing habits through a survey.

Passionate film photographers who want to be active in keeping the medium alive can do more than buying films and going to independent film labs. They can also support their favorite brands and companies in research and development. One such opportunity comes in Ilford Photo’s callout for their latest global film users survey, which aims to “inspire others to print and/or address the gaps that stop people from printing.” So, if you’re a regular darkroom printer, the company wants your insights.

For many photographers then and now, darkoom printing is the culmination of the film photography process. Seeing your own photo  appear on paper like magic is certainly one of the most rewarding and exciting things about darkroom work. So, we can see why Ilford Photo is keen on getting as many in the analog community as possible to take part in their research efforts.

This survey follows the fantastic response to last year’s run, which garnered 6,800 responses from 100 countries. Ilford Photo’s goal is to gather support from the film community once more to understand their darkroom and printing habits, from what they enjoy about printing and where they get it done.

Currently not doing darkroom printing, or haven’t even tried it? The company still wants to hear from you so they can understand what has been preventing you from doing so. Addressing these obstacles is also one of the goals of Ilford Photo in this survey, so it may serve you well to take the opportunity for the company to come up with a solution for you.

Ready to show your support? Head to the Ilford Photo Darkroom Printing Survey now to share your thoughts. Don’t forget to get the word out to your fellow film photographers as well to help the company gather and work with as much useful inputs as possible.