ILFORD Shows Us How to Create Black and White Darkroom Prints

If you’re a film photographer looking to make your first black and white darkroom print, ILFORD covers everything you need to know to get started.

For many ardent film photographers, the process is not complete until one has a print of their photo in their hands. Creating a darkroom print is one of the most magical experiences traditional photography offers. If you’ve been shooting film, you might as well go all the way and give darkroom printing a try, with the help of a quick guide from ILFORD.

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Ilford Photo Is Asking for Input on Darkroom Printing Habits

If you’re a film photographer who develops and prints your own photos, Ilford wants to know your darkroom printing habits through a survey.

Passionate film photographers who want to be active in keeping the medium alive can do more than buying films and going to independent film labs. They can also support their favorite brands and companies in research and development. One such opportunity comes in Ilford Photo’s callout for their latest global film users survey, which aims to “inspire others to print and/or address the gaps that stop people from printing.” So, if you’re a regular darkroom printer, the company wants your insights.

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The Mobile Darkroom Can Print Without Negatives and Enlarger

Itching to try darkroom printing for your photos? With The Mobile Darkroom, you won’t need any negatives and enlargers to get started.

While Spanish-American photographer Adrian Otero was feeling under the weather for a week, he had plenty of time to come up with a little project. He ended up putting together something he calls The Mobile Darkroom. If you’re interested in darkroom printing your own photos — whether film or digital — his bright idea might be something you’d like to try yourself.

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Landscape Photographer’s Passion for Large Format Prints Will Inspire You

Christopher Burkett is down to his last run of supplies to print his stunning large format landscapes in a meticulous but discontinued analog printing technique

While today’s generation of photographers speak of megapixels and other digital jargon to describe high-resolution images, Oregon photographer Christopher Burkett is still able to achieve precision without the use of digital technology. But, not for long. He’s rushing to print his large format landscape photographs in astounding detail using his last batch of discontinued Cibachrome supplies before they lose their effectiveness.

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London’s Bright Rooms are Setting an Example for Modern Darkrooms

All images by Bright Rooms via Kickstarter

Darkrooms were once photographers’ sacred space for harnessing the magic of photography. Today, we mostly find them in a handful of schools teaching traditional photography, independent labs, and private artist spaces. Still, most of them are being decommissioned by universities that have shifted their focus to digital photography. Some of London’s creatives have responded to this by putting up Bright Rooms, dubbed a 21st century darkroom built to celebrate the craft of photography and heighten engagement with analog printing.

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