These Three Printers Help Photographers Step Their Game Up

Looking at prints are incredibly important, and with these printers, you can make them yourself.

Fact: there are tons of photographers who have never printed and never had any serious interest in it. The truth is that, whenever anyone sees their photos printed in a large size, their jaws drop. It happens every time. One of the best gifts a photographer can get themselves is a good printer. Printers are useful for increasing revenue, creating wall decorations, and looking at your images in a different way. What photographer doesn’t aspire to have their images in a gallery in Soho? So, we went through our reviews index to find some of the best printers.

Canon Prograf 1000

If you’ve been reading Phoblographer for the past couple of months, you have seen lots of product photos shot on paper prints. All of these were printed with the Prograf 1000.

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Epson P-800

I’m a big fan of the Epson P800… I’d be more than happy to have prints from this printer hanging in any gallery or pop-up show. Clients are also very happy with the print quality.

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Epson Velvet Fine Art Paper

“I can tell you that satin and luster papers are by far the most popular surfaces. They combine the critical benefits of saturated color, protection from handling, and good sharpness.” says Drew Hendrix of Red River Paper.

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Fujifilm Instax Mini Link Smartphone Printer

The Instax Mini Link has a new companion app that’s very easy to use. It feels much more intuitive than the companion apps for Fujifilm’s older Instax printers.

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