Black Friday Deals: Photographers Don’t Often See Lights Priced This Low

Lights are essential for every photographer to grow; and we found some of the best deals to help you grow.

We’ve found a bunch of deals on Lighting, but below we’re highlighting some of the ones we think you folks will care about the most. Knowing the way that you folks think, you’re either the type to like natural light and bringing nothing at all with you, or you like to use flashes and strobes. Like us, you’re not really the biggest fans of LEDs. Sometimes they just don’t make a lot of sense. And so we’ve found a number of deals that we liked over at Adorama. We’re showing some stuff that we know some of you will care about, and some stuff that just doesn’t get enough love. So check it out below, and also check out all the deals on lighting out there right now.

  • Godox Softbox with Grid and Speedring $36.00
  • Flashpoint R2 transmitter for Pentax: $58
  • Flashpoint Xplor 600 HSS with C-Stand and Parapop: $689
  • Flashpoint R2 Mk II for Sony: $59
  • Profoto A1X for Canon with Profoto Air TTL Connect: $1,195
  • Profoto Duo A1 for Nikon: $1,590
  • Profoto A1X for Sony: $1,195
  • Flashpoint Xplor 600 HSS with R2 Pro for Canon: $548

Be sure to check out the full list from Adorama.