Cheap Photo: Orlit RoveLight RT 610 Rechargeable Monolight Is Just $399

If you want to use off-camera flash, the Orlit RoveLight RT 610 HSS TTL with a trigger for $399 is the perfect way to start.

Using off-camera flash is the easiest way to make your images stand out from the crowd. It’s honestly not as hard as you may think to learn the techniques needed to take your photos to the next level. Some may think it’s expensive to get a quality rechargeable monolight to take with you on location. That notion couldn’t be further from the truth, though. For a limited time, you can pick up the excellent, rechargeable ORLIT RoveLight RT 610 monolight that features both HSS and TTL, and it comes with a remote trigger for just $399! Join us after the break for more details about this monolight and the deal.

Orlit RoveLight RT 610

Captured with the Orlit RoveLight RT 610 HSS TTL

The Orlit RoveLight RT 610 HSS TTL is a 600 watt-second rechargeable monolight that you can take to any location. The RoveLight RT 610 is small but packs a punch strong enough to overpower the sun with ease. We really loved this light when we tested it, and we gave it a glowing review for good reason. For $399, you’ll be getting one heck of a rechargeable monolight.

off camera flash orlit

The Orlit RoveLight RT 610 HSS TTL is easy to use thanks to its intuitive menu system and great LCD panel. It is light and easy to carry around, making transportation to and from location shoots painless. It also produces gorgeous, consistent light indistinguishable from much more expensive monolights that cost significantly more than the $399 you can pick up the Rovelight RT 610 for right now.

Then there’s the wireless trigger, which features a large, easy to read LCD. The trigger has a clear user interface and controls that make sense. You can get the Orlit RoveLight RT 610 HSS TTL with a trigger for Fujifilm, Sony, Canon, or Nikon cameras. Pair this monolight with some light modifiers of your choice, and you’ll have a complete portable studio that will allow you to shoot anywhere, at any time.

If you’ve been on the fence about buying a new rechargeable monolight, or perhaps need to replace your existing models, now’s the time to do it. The sale price of $399 on the Rovelight RT 610 HSS TTL will be gone in a flash. You really don’t want to miss out on this deal.

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