Onur Kurt Chronicles Berlin in Gorgeous CineStill 800T Snaps

CineStill 800T brought out the nostalgic side of Berlin in these travel snaps by Onur Kurt.

Looking for new ways to capture your favorite cities? Sometimes, a simple change in your shooting experience — like shooting with a film camera — can help you get into a different mood. If you’re yet to try shooting with film, we think these CineStill 800T street photos by Istanbul-based art director Onur Kurt will inspire you to finally give it a go.

During his trips to Berlin, Kurt brought along a Leica M7 with Carl Zeiss 50mm f1.5 ZM and a Ricoh GR1s loaded with CineStill 800T. This film has been increasingly popular for night photography in the city, especially for those who want to capture the vibrant mood of neon lights. Of course, he made sure to have a bunch of night photos shot with this film. But he also has some interesting daytime snaps that show us what we’re missing if we’re only shooting with it at night.

There are some noticeable color shifts in some of his photos, which make it seem that they were shot using cross-processed slide films. CineStill recommends using an 85 Filter when shooting this film in daylight to remove the strong blue cast (the filter decreases the color temperature from the 5500K to 3400K). The color shifts could be a matter of taste, but they certainly add to the dreamy and nostalgic mood that film is known to bring.

We’ve seen many different views and perspectives of Berlin through the lens of many talented photographers. We’re always looking to add more film photos to the pool, so this is a welcome addition. If you’re looking for more street photography inspiration set in Berlin, we suggest taking a monochrome afternoon walk with Skander Khlif, meeting people from the city’s most prominent shopping district with Sebastian Jacobitz, and appreciating the city’s urban geometry with Thor Vermijlen.

Check out Onur Kurt’s website and Behance portfolio for more of his photography and other creative projects.


All photos by Onur Kurt. Used with Creative Commons permission.