Get Lost in a Monochrome Afternoon Walk in Berlin with Skander Khlif

All images by Skander Khlif. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Munich-based Skander Khlif has been one of our go-to photographers when it comes to candid, well-captured slices of life; not random shots of people in the streets, but photos that have some story or show the beauty that surrounds him at a given moment. Scenes from his hometown are now among our staple features, but we also follow him around on his adventures in other cities and countries. For everyone’s street photography inspiration today, we put the spotlight on his monochrome snaps from an afternoon walk in Berlin.

Simply titled Berlin PM, this series is slightly different from Khlif’s work that we’ve previously seen. Simplicity, minimalism, and architecture are key in this body of work. Instead of the usual focus on the hustle and bustle of the city he prowls, he brings the city’s shapes and patterns to our attention. This shift in focus shows us an interesting perspective on how Berliners interact with their surroundings.

As the series is shot in crisp and clean black and white, the different shapes and patterns of Berlin’s architecture is better emphasized. Also, because the scenes aren’t as energetic as most street snaps, we get to take our time to move our eyes around the frame and take in all the details Khlif squeezed into his shots.


Another obvious focus that makes Berlin PM a mostly minimalist set is the presence of lone subjects. Aside from adding a little bit of drama to the series, his actually works to help “break” the shapes and patterns, as well as include some other points of interest in each photo.

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