Film Photography Lovers Need to Follow These 10 Togs!

We’re back with a selection of photographers who need more love on Instagram. This time we focus on film photography!

The satisfying feeling of shooting film photography still lives strong. With the digital world in full force, we’re pleased to see there are plenty of photographers keeping it old school. Whilst plenty of presets try, there’s nothing that can match the aesthetic of a good roll of film. Many well-established photographers are still choosing this format, so it’s no surprise that this style filters down. Focusing on the work of great film photographers who need a little extra love, below are 10 film photographers with under 10k followers on Instagram.

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1 Thomas Carla – @thomas.carla

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#neighborhood #gosee #diary

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Thomas creates his film photography in the city of London. Using Kodak Portra he has developed a very eye-catching portfolio. What we particularly like about Thomas’ images is that they could easily sit amongst a range of genres. From editorial, documentary, to fashion, each frame has it all, giving his images more punch when meeting the viewer’s eye.

2 Casey Garbage – @casey_garbage

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♥️🌹 #35mm #portra400

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Thankfully the name doesn’t fall in the line with the work, as Casey’s images are anything but garbage. They belong well away from a trash can, as they would sit very well in a quirky gallery where all the cool kids go. Providing us with a range of well set-up portraits, this photographer has his 35mm style on lockdown!

3 Ellen Goodman – @ellengoodman

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Project Alien. After one of my soft boxes fell over in the woods. Bulbs shattered. I was down to one light. I set this one aside but kept going back to it. A few weeks after this shoot, I was in Washington DC. I stepped into a cool shop with a bunch of historic items and was flipping thru a book on album covers. Flipped to a page that showed a cover from an old 10cc album, “Deceptive Bends”, cover shows a guy in a dive helmet holding a girl. Similar pose. I think that album cover, while I don’t have a distinct memory of seeing it, is probably burned into my subconscious. I think that’s what keeps pulling me back to this. #10cc #aliens #ilovefilm #filmphotography #heyfsc #filmshooterscollective #revelatfestival #believeinfilm #thethingswedoforlovve

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Whilst it’s all well and good shooting film, you still need to be creative. Ellen Goodman is a creative first and a film photographer second. Her scenes grip us, leaving us wondering how her mind took her there. The answer isn’t really that important, we’re just happy it did, as it makes for some great film photography and keeps us eagerly awaiting her next post!

4 Nicola Odemann – @wildsommer

“Memories and feelings captured on film,” says Nicola’s Instagram bio. And we certainly feel her beautiful memories as she treats us to some gorgeous scenery through her work. There’s plenty of vivid color in this portfolio. And what’s great about it is we know it’s authentic, rather than those over manipulated, digital frames that fail to tell the truth. Nicola shows us the world through her lens and makes us want to step into it!

5 Jessica Josie – @jessicajosiephotographer

Wide open spaces; now breathe. That’s how we feel when we view the film photography of Australian based photographer Jessica Josie. Her peaceful, tranquil landscapes that feature the human form keep us calm and centered.

6 Paul Cupido – @paul.cupido

Paul Cupido provides us with a selection of abstract images. His high-contrast photographs offer depth and intrigue as he offsets his main subject against a pastel peach background. He’s clearly a photographer who thrives on experimentation. We like this… a lot. A photographer prepared to push boundaries should be followed and respected, as he dares to offer something different to the overdone Instagram norm.

7 Irene Oliveti – @ireneoliveti

If urban geometry is your thing, then you’ll be happy we included Irene Oliveti in this list. Full of playful pinks and blissful blues, Irene demonstrates a great understanding of both color and shape. But don’t be fooled, this film photographer is certainly not a one-trick pony. Amongst her work you will find quality portraiture, landscapes, and street photography.

8 Paloma Pineda – @pinedapaloma

Something special happened when we first saw the work of Paloma Pineda. As we browsed through her portfolio we felt her images had the class, elegance, and romance of a city like Paris. And then we realized that’s exactly where she is based. As there are no obvious monuments to give the game away, it’s clear Paloma has mastered the art of feeding off the energy of her surroundings and putting it into her film photography – this is no simple task!

9 Andrew Wilkinson – @nahfool

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Pre-gentrification, 2019 #ektar100

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Andrew Wilkinson is putting together quite the collection of visual notes. Nothing too flashy is in the work: just simple (yet very strong) documentation of the places he visits. He can shoot well in any light, and we were very attracted to his nighttime work in which he uses dark moods and popping color as his main focus.

10 Sonia Hyh – @soniahyh

In at number 10, Sonia Hyh gets a solid 10 out of 10 for her double exposure film photography. Her images have nice contrast with a green tint and we absolutely adore them. Aside from the creative aspect, Sonia’s work also gives us a view of the beautiful elements of south-east Asia. She’s close to approaching the 10k mark – help her get over the line!

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