These Portrait Photographers Deserve More Love on Instagram

What makes the perfect portrait photography is subjective. But we think these photographers are doing a great job.

The portrait photograph will always be popular. No matter what era we’re in, people like having their photo taken. Thankfully, as photography continues evolving, photographers remain interested in this genre. The likes of Platon and Annie Leibovitz have reached superstardom with their exceptional portraiture skills, amassing a large following because of it. But, for now, we don’t want to focus on them; we’d rather focus on portrait photographers creating super dope work that could use a leg-up instead. Here are our favorite photographers with under 10k followers on Instagram.

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1. Norel – @n.j.m.m

Based in the capital of England, Norel is making portrait photography that showcases the free-living expression of London. His work is full of energy and his subjects appear fully on board with his creative vision.

2. Miah – @photographybymiah

We love portrait photography that highlights the tender element of the human experience. Pregnancy, love, connections, marriage, and happiness are all part of Miah’s portfolio. She clearly has the hang of pressing the shutter at the perfect moment – getting all she needs to tell a story through her photography.

3. Piso – @debajodelospies

There’s something fascinating about finding beauty in the darkness. These moody portraits that center heavily around the blackness are a great example. Although on the dark side of the aesthetic planet, there’s still plenty of gentleness to the photographs – great job!

4. Dave Kai Piper @davekaipiper

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Over the years I have worked with @jodilakin a whole bunch, but this is one of my fave images. Shot for Style Birmingham Magazine⠀ ⠀ Lens // 100mm⠀ Lighting // Mixed sources⠀ Modifier // A whole bunch of stuff⠀ Model // @jodilakin⠀ MUAH // @elle_sixsmith⠀ Lighting assistant //Jason Vaughan ⠀ Post Pro @RetouchingToolkit & @infinitecolorpanel⠀ Using // @photoshop & @Wacom + #IntuosPro, ⠀ ⠀ #portraitphotography #portrait_perfection #beautyeditorial #editoralbeauty #skincare #creativebeauty #cosmeticsphotography #DublinPhotographer #beautyretouching #retouchingtoolkit #beautyphotography #beautyphotographer #gameoftones #retouch #retouching #highendphotography #earth_portraits #theportraitpr0ject #ig_shotz_people #portraitmood #kdpeoplegallery #aovportraits #portraitstream #portraits_vision⠀ #hvmansouls #globe_people #globe_visuals #infinitecolorpanel #philogynists⠀

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We almost left Dave off the list. Honestly, we assumed he would be way over the 10k mark. And that’s not a dig at the guy but rather a testament to how good we feel his portrait photography is. Sure, he’s not doing too bad at over 5k. But for someone who has an exceptional standard, he deserves way more!

5. Gabriela Hengeveld – @portrait_gabrielahengeveld

Working out of Amsterdam, Gabriela Hengeveld is making solid documentary style portraits. Nothing is too flashy or over processed: just simple, effective portraiture that captures the person in their most natural form. We dig this!

6. Uri Bareket @uri_portraits_page

Like all genres, portrait photography can be guilty of being unoriginal. That’s why we respect anyone aiming to do things a little different. In Uri’s work, we get double exposures, the use of props, and some alternative locations. This packs more punch in his portraits.

7. KaiVisual – @KaiVisuals

Kai’s portfolio is fun and creative. The work is very strong, and yet would sit well in an edgy hipster scrapbook – a collage of creativity for the viewer to enjoy. What’s clear is that a lot of thought goes into the details. This makes for some very interesting scenes with great subjects.

8. Hung Le – @crookedabstract

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Forego the shades that divide us.

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Hung Le is another photographer pushing the boundaries and creatively experimenting. And why shouldn’t he? He has plenty of talent, and it’s great to see someone aiming to get the most out of their abilities. His feed is varied, allowing the viewer to never become bored. Go check it out and get engaged with his portrait photography.

9. Dark Indigo – @dark_indigox

Sit with these photographs. Don’t look for instant gratification, just be still and observe; the penny will soon drop. It would not be fair to describe Dark Indigo’s portraits as slow burners, but rather images that require deeper inspection. They’re not complex creations but their simplicity creates a mental release that takes time to peak. Once it does we’re certain you’ll hit the follow button.

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We’ve done our part: it’s now time for you to do yours. We would be perplexed if you didn’t follow them all, but we’re content in the knowledge you’ll certainly follow some of them. So, for the photographers you connected with, hop over to their feed and tap follow. You won’t regret it.

Dan Ginn

Dan Ginn is a content writer and journalist. He brings with him five years' experience writing in the photographic niche. During that time he has worked with a range of leading brands, as well as a host professional photographers within the industry.