Our Favorite Landscape Photographers with Under 10k Instagram Followers

Back again with another selection of photographers under 10k Instagram followers. This time we look at landscape photography.

A beautiful landscape can almost be universally enjoyed. There’s just something about the earth’s nature that makes us all feel good. But creating a jaw-dropping landscape photograph is no easy job. Those glorious views, full of color and light take time, experience, and patience to turn into an image. And that hard work that landscape photographers put in should be valued and respected. The talented bunch below is no exception to the rule, and their efforts need to be seen by more people!

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1 Rob Crawshaw @robcrawshaw

By trade, Rob is a property photographer doing solid work for his many clients. But aside from that, he is also an experienced landscape photographer. His photographs have glorious tones to them, and Rob has a perfect understanding of composition. He also works hard to explain to his followers the stories behind the images he creates,  on Instagram stories.

2 Ryan Harris @ryanharrisphoto

Ryan has some lovely color palettes in his work. He is creating peaceful images that encourage the viewer to feel calm and settled. Using long exposures, his photographs are creative and fun to look at. Not much else is known about Ryan, other than that he is based in the UK. Oh, and just the small point that he is a terrific landscape photographer that you should totally go and follow.

3 Yoshizumi Suzuki @_yoshizumi_

This landscape photographer from Japan treats us to landscapes with beautiful blue temperatures. With a critical focus on mountains and lakes, they find balance and symmetry in a range of picturesque environments. Another photographer using long exposures, Yoshizumi work is creative and inspiring!

4 Rodrigo Werner @rodrigo_werner_

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El mejor y más exuberante lugar para ver el desierto florido de los llanos, Región de Atacama Chile corresponde a la pampa atravesada por la carretera que une Vallenar con Copiapó, a la altura del peaje, en primavera esta tremenda llanura interior se puebla de vida, con un tapiz de flores únicas el mundo como Patas de Guanaco, Nolanas y múltiples insectos los que emergen por unos meses hasta diciembre, el resto del año esta planicie se mantiene en latencia a la espera de los escasos milímetros de agua para luego nuevamente resurgir en ciclos anuales con distintas intensidades y coloridos, en la foto en sombra se muestra esta latencia en su face opaca, sin vida aparente, anónima y yerma pero necesaria para completar el ciclo. .

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Rodrigo is another photographer that does not give too much away. We don’t know that much about him. However, it was his use of layers in his landscapes that attracted us to his work, not his life story. His work is undoubtedly framed worthy and amongst his images are some beautiful silhouettes too.

5 David Turning @truxturning

David is a bizarre case. First off, his work uses shapes and shadow to create his eye-catching photographs – but that’s not what’s strange. David gets as many if not more likes than he has followers. Now if you know anything about the pain of Instagram, that’s unheard of. And yet his follower count just exceeds 500. Clearly, people enjoy his work, hopefully, even more people can enjoy it!

6 Delta One @delta_one33

This Austrian born photographer is smashing out some lovely landscape photography. While it’s clear he is in the early stages of his creative path, he shows plenty of potential to suggest he will continue to develop into a seasoned landscape photographer.

7 Sam Morris @sammorris3

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Fishing with a View 🎣

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When we think of landscape photography, our minds go towards bright, vibrant colors. Sam, however, is doing his thing with a more moody theme – and we love it! He is not afraid to go high up either, delivering alongside his landscapes some superb aerial shots too.

8 Ilaria Perotta @Ilariaperrotta


This photographer’s landscapes have a creepy vibe to them. But even with this eerie aesthetic, Ilaria has managed to create magical images. Her original IG was hacked, meaning she had to start again. Without doubt, this landscape photographer will be breaking through the 10k mark pretty quickly!

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