Essentials: VNTG8 SD Card Holder (Rebirth in Recycling)

Essentials is a revamped series featuring products we’re currently lusting over in quick, bite-sized posts.

A few years ago, we reported on the VNTG8 SD Card Holders, and thankfully they’re much better in person. In fact, DPReview’s Chris Niccolls acknowledged how wonderful they are when we last saw each other in person. The big story behind the VNTG8 SD Card Holders has to do with an issue in the world overall: recycling. Created by Jordan Kirkham, these SD card holders represent the new American entrepreneurial spirit while giving a nod to understanding a big part of visual imagery’s past. In this particular story, the retro aesthetic hails from an affinity for cinematic film. Lots of old film cases simply went to the wayside after being used. But with the VNTG8 SD Card Holder, they are repurposed in a really nice way. Through this process they’re given a sort of rebirth.

Each case is a relatively thin metal container that can be slotted into most sleeves and pockets of a camera bag. It’s designed for the photographer who first and foremost needs to have a ton of SD cards. If you roll around with one or two you’re probably not going to need the VNTG8 SD Card Holder. However, you can most likely appreciate its beauty. Each case is closed with natural tension. While it isn’t 100% as secure as other offerings we’ve used, it’s a truly innovative idea that is very functional. If it falls out of your bag, I might be a bit scared it will open, but I’m mostly confident that your precious memories won’t spill onto the sidewalk.

When you first open up the VNTG8 SD Card Holder can, you’re treated to a beautiful message from Jordan. This little piece isn’t essential to the functionality of the VNTG8 SD Card Holder, but I’d like to think of it as a personalized note. A good friend of mine sends me a handwritten note once a year telling me about how much he loves our friendship. The note in the can isn’t handwritten, but it’s still aesthetically pleasing. When you pick the note up, you’ll feel the grain on the paper. This paper will remind you of film grain and it’s a very beautiful tactile experience.

Once inside, you’ll see the foam holder for the SD cards. These foam holders are nice and squishy while also staying put–which was a pretty big concern for me. I wouldn’t want this falling out and sending my memory cards flying about across the floor. That won’t happen at all here and I’m relieved to say so. Luckily, you can stack cards on top of one another. Because of this, you can hold at least 10 SD cards and a bunch of Micro SD cards. If you’re a CF or CFast user, there will be a bit of cramming. In fact, it’s going to be very tight and I don’t recommend it. Most photographers don’t need more than 10 SD cards though, but journalists like me surely do. At any one time, I’ve got at least two cameras from three manufacturers in my office. The VNTG8 SD Card Holder helps me organize my cards much better.

In real life use, I can’t complain about the VNTG8 SD Card Holder. It does the job while recycling. I wish there were a more compact version, but if this were the case then Jordan would be tinkering more with the already very good film canisters. These are more than sufficient, but make sure your camera bag has a place to hold this thing. Luckily, most bags can do this unless it’s a waist holster of some sort.

If you’re interested, you can pick one up on their website. The VNTG8 SD Card Holders are very nice and I see myself using them more in the future. However, the Cecilia wallet lets me hold more and in a more compact fashion. Lots of folks don’t like leather wallets and prefer better sealing around their cards though. If you’re looking for sealing, then what you want is the VNTG8 SD Card Holders for sure. The metal and tension based closure will do the job. It will also shrug off the elements, unlike leather.

Chris Gampat

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