Essentials: Cecilia Gallery SD Card Wallet

Essentials is a revamped series featuring products that we’re currently lusting over in quick, bite sized posts.

I was introduced to the Cecilia Gallery SD Card wallet during Photo Plus Expo of 2018. It was thrown in with the camera bag we reviewed and for me personally, it’s been a big upgrade over my old think Tank SD card wallet. The Cecilia Gallery SD Card wallet is probably not for everyone, but it should be as it’s made pretty much better in every single way. Not only can it attach to any loop on your camera bag, but it has a secure clasp to keep your cards safe, is made of leather, and keeps everything nice and compact.

When you look at the wallet, you can tell that it was made with quality. There is pebbled leather on the exterior and a solid clasp to keep it all closed. Then it can attach to a belt loop on your pants, to a strap on your camera bag or just kept in a pocket of some sort. While they’re calling it a wallet, I’d honestly think it more like a roll case–and that’s essentially what it is.

Open up the Cecilia Gallery SD Card wallet and you’ll spot all the little slots you need to hold SD cards and XQD cards if you so happen to own those. Slip the cards in and they’ll be held in place. Unlike Think Tanks though, the holders aren’t clear–and so it isn’t easily readable to see which SD card is which. So if you happen to need your 32GB card, you could probably be reaching for your 64GB card instead. In that case, you’ll need your own organization system. What I do is put my fastest cards in an area that I know I’ll use often and cards with smaller capacities near the bottom.

I’ve been actively using the Cecilia Gallery SD Card wallet on trips, on shoots, and just for overall management since moving away from the Think Tank wallet. I genuinely think that it is a major upgrade not only in looks, but also in terms of durability. When I held the Think Tank wallet, it moved around and was very malleable. This one on the other hand is pretty solid and nothing moves around. To be fair, Think Tank’s was also designed to hold CF cards–and we all know what happened to those.

This version of the wallet is $39. For less than a solid bottle of whiskey, you’re getting yourself a wallet that is going to last far longer than that glass of Balcones neat. It’s going to keep your cards safe and your cards are going to be kept in an overall great looking case. Photographers that should go for it are those that are a bit more discerning about the gear they sport yet want something very low profile. When you look at it, you probably wouldn’t think that it’s a wallet but more of a coin bag. And who is really going to go ahead and steal coins?

Chris Gampat

Chris Gampat is the Editor in Chief, Founder, and Publisher of the Phoblographer. He also likes pizza.