Vi Vante “Calibre” Is a Luxurious Choice for Your Next Camera Bag

If you’re looking for a stylish camera bag, the Vi Vante “Calibre” without a doubt fits the bill.

With style one of the biggest considerations for camera bag designers and makers, it’s a great time for photographers with a penchant for chic options. There are plenty of choices now, but of course, additions are always welcome. The latest we have gotten word of is the “Calibre” camera bag, one of the beautiful handwoven leather bags made by South Florida-based Vi Vante.

Vi Vante prides itself on creating some of the most luxurious camera bags (and stylish straps) out there, and the Calibre is one of the latest to join the club. In the company’s own words, this camera bag is a “drastic departure from the ordinary into the utterly extraordinary.” It’s definitely not your usual camera bag, and it’s easy to see it quickly becoming a fashion-forward photographer’s go-to bag, on shoot days or otherwise.

The Vi Vante Calibre is made of premium Top Grain Italian leather, textured so it’s resistant to scratching. The most eye-catching feature of this camera bag is the beautifully handwoven panels, but the soft microfiber interior is equally a nice touch. It comes with three dividers, but it’s recommended to use one or two and keep the third as a spare. Despite its compact and sleek profile, this camera bag can fit two rangefinder style cameras, like two Leica M cameras with the lenses mounted, or one Leica M camera with two additional lenses.


  • Length 11 inches/27cm
  • Height 9 inches/ 23cm
  • Width at the bottom 5 inches / 13cm
  • Width at the Top 2 3/4 inches / ~7cm
  • Shoulder Strap Length 47 inches /119.5cm Long Designed for Cross Carry; non-adjustable for weight savings.

A camera bag as luxurious as the Calibre takes two days to make, and as such comes with a premium price of $749. If this looks like a great choice for you, head to the Vi Vante website to get one.