The Datacolor SpyderX Tool Kits Could Be Essential for Photographers

With the Datacolor SpyderX tool kits, photographers will be able to get a lot more from their workflow.

Photographers of a particular skill set above the typical amateur are going to want to pay attention to the new Datacolor SpyderX tool kits announced today. Besides including their much improved SpiderX Elit calibration unit, they’re also assisting higher end photographers by bundling a few other goodies together. There are two kits: the SpyderX Capture Pro, and the SpyderX Studio kit. One isn’t necessarily a more high end than the other; one is designed more around the need for capturing out in the field, the other is for studio work.


SpyderX Capture Pro includes:

  • · Spyder LensCal – Calibrate cameras, lenses and DSLR components.
  • · Spyder Cube – Set white balance and RAW conversion.
  • · Spyder Checkr – Next-level camera color calibration.
  • · SpyderX Elite – Professional monitor calibration.

Capture Pro seems more oriented to the photographer who edits in the field and doesn’t do a whole lot of printing. The Cube helps with better colors when working with a photographer who properly calibrates their screen with the Elite. Then, there is the Spyder Checkr, which is pretty standard in the industry at this point. The tidbit that could be a little weird is the LensCal. The LensCal is perhaps better for DSLRs than mirrorless cameras. It is designed to assist with stuff like micro-adjustments and you have to be very careful.


SpyderX Studio includes:

  • · Spyder Cube – Set white balance and RAW conversion.
  • · SpyderX Elite– Professional monitor calibration.
  • · Spyder Print – Printer profiling for any printer/ink/paper combination.

This is more designed for the photographer who works in a studio and has a necessity to print. You’re going to get the best colors out of this kit, and these types of photographers tend to stop their lenses down a lot to get their subjects in focus.

According to their press release, Datacolor is kicking off the launch of these two products with a special introductory offer of 20% savings. From June 18 through July 14, 2019, you can purchase the SpyderX Capture Pro for $319.99 (reg. $399.99) or the SpyderX Studio for $399.99 (reg. $499.99).