The Lensbaby OMNI Creative Filter System Is One the Coolest Things

Lensbaby addresses the portrait photographers’ need for creative, in-camera effects with a new lens filter system for existing lenses.

If you’re fond of shooting with all sorts of objects to create special effects, Lensbaby has something to help make things easier for you. Say hello to the newly released OMNI Creative Filter System, which promises to be a unique professional tool that you can use with your current prime and zoom lenses.

It can be a struggle to shoot through handheld objects in front of your lens, operating and holding your camera with one hand while manipulating objects like prisms and crystals with the other. So Lensbaby thought of something to set those objects in place and let you concentrate on your framing and camera control with both hands. The OMNI Creative Filter System, as its name suggests, features a collection of three glass filters held in place by a lightweight ring that screws onto the filter thread of your lens. The filters, called Effect Wands, attach magnetically to the filter ring but can also still be easily manipulated as needed.

With Lensbaby being known as a proponent of creative, in-camera effects, the filter system extends the company’s craft to photographers who don’t shoot with Lensbaby lenses. It’s not a separate camera lens, so everyone can use it with their existing lenses, whether manual or autofocus. It’s designed to fit most prime and zoom lenses and provide the best shooting experience with 35mm or longer focal length. Also, Lensbaby notes that, when shooting, use wide apertures to ensure the most natural looking creative effects.

Some details about the Effect Wands of the OMNI Creative Filter System:

Crystal Seahorse

With its multitude of angles and edge scallops, this uniquely shaped crystal offers endless possibilities for complex flare, light redirection, and radiant reflections.

Stretch Glass

The large surface area of the Stretch Glass is excellent for creating bright stretches and streaks of light within an image. Shoot through the flat and curved sides, or at an angle to achieve chance reflections and luminous effects.

Rainbow Film

The Rainbow Film is a unique diffraction panel that creates beaming reflective rainbows offset from any bright light source.

Interested in this new offering by Lensbaby? It’s available in a small ring version for lenses with the native size of 58mm and step up rings of 49mm, 52mm, and 55mm; and a large ring version with the native size of 77mm and step up/down rings of 62mm, 67mm, 72mm, and 82mm*.

*When using the 82mm step-down ring, vignetting will occur at focal lengths wider than 50mm. Lenses that are longer than 50mm will most likely not vignette.

The OMNI Creative Filter System package includes:

  • Filter Ring (Small or Large)
  • Crystal Seahorse Effect Wand
  • Stretch Glass Effect Wand
  • Rainbow Film Effect Wand
  • Step-up/down Rings
    • Small Filter Ring will fit 49mm, 52mm, 55mm, and 58mm lens threads
    • Large Filter Ring will fit 62mm, 67mm, 72mm, 77mm and 82mm lens threads
  • 2 x Magnetic Mounts (each mount holds up to two Effect Wands)
  • 2 x Arms (one longer, one shorter)
  • Small Carrying Case

The OMNI Creative Filter System will be available in late June with a retail price of $99.95. Lensbaby will also launch expansion packs with extra Effect Wands shortly after. The first expansion pack (above) will have three unique crystals and sell for $49.95. Visit the Lensbaby website for more details.