Comparing Video Color Science: Sony vs. Fujifilm Mirrorless Cameras

Max Yuryev makes a quick color science comparison between Sony and Fujifilm of skin tones and landscapes.

Still undecided between Sony and Fujifilm mirrorless cameras which one to go for in terms of colors, especially if you like shooting videos on the side? Max Yuryev has a quick video that should help you decide. In his color science comparison, he put the Sony A6400 and the Fujifilm X-T30 to the test and encouraged viewers to take their picks before revealing his own choices and findings.

However, Yuryev didn’t want to do the usual side-by-side comparison where the photos — or sample clips, in this case — are labeled with the camera used. Instead, he made it a blind test, so viewers have to make their choices based on how they really like the colors instead of deciding based on the brand. If you’re ready to see which camera has the best colors for you, let’s jump to the video below.

Yuryev included a disclaimer, noting that while he loves Fujifilm cameras, he tends to do most of his work using Sony mirrorless cameras. He also performed this comparison with two of the most popular types of photography: portrait and landscape. The first four samples were shot with the standard, out of the box picture profiles, and either sunny/daylight or shade for the white balance. As for his own preferences, contrasty and saturated photos typically catch his eye, so he adjusted both cameras by increasing the saturation and contrast for the rest of the samples.

Before the comparison, Yuryev also tells us that Sony isn’t known for having great color science with videos, with their initial goal being to produce more realistic colors. However, the company has also been gradually changing this by enabling their cameras to produce more visually pleasing colors. Fujifilm, meanwhile, is preferred by many for its film simulations, with the cinematic Eterna being one of the most popular.

As he also noted in the video, he wanted viewers to decide for themselves which has better colors between the two cameras, because it all boils down to taste. If you like a little bit of contrast and saturation, you’ll most likely have picked the Sony samples more, like Yuryev has. If you like working with various film simulations, which bring a certain look to photos and videos, Fujifilm is most likely your best bet. Fujifilm shooters, as Fuji Rumors noted, will only have to look for the less saturated option to tell which is which because Eterna has soft colors and rich shadow tones. Therefore, Fujifilm makes a strong case here for fans of the film look for both photos and videos.

Check out Max Yuryev’s YouTube channel if you want to see more of his photography tips, tricks, and comparisons.


Screenshot image from the video by Max Yuryev