AGFA is Helping Instant Peel-Apart Film Come Back from the Dead

The hardworking folks behind the ONE INSTANT Peel-Apart Film have found an able ally in AGFA, they say in their latest project update.

A few days ago, backers of the ONE INSTANT Kickstarter campaign were treated to some great news; the passionate folks behind the project have proudly announced the developments of the project so far. Among these developments is their partnership with AGFA in Belgium, getting the prototype design through to the production model, and assembling the One Instant manufacturing team. Exciting times are ahead, as they report things are coming together nicely!

According to the latest Kickstarter update, ONE INSTANT’s collaboration with AGFA involves cutting down their precious Polaroid P7 stock to usable sizes for the peel apart film. “To accomplish this extremely critical task, John and the fellows from 20×24″ have spooled up master rolls and these are currently in the hands of the competent professionals at AGFA. The paper is not light sensitive, but the film of course is, and this will be slit and then cut in complete darkness and packaged for shipment to us when ready. We are expecting the converted materials to be at our doorstep in the coming weeks,” project collaborator Christopher said in the update.

As for the production model, it has been their main focus for the last few months, but things are mostly all set, as they’ve mentioned in their previous update. “There are still a few materials that we are trying to find affordable sources for, but these dominoes should be falling in the next two weeks, and then it is simply a matter of ordering everything and getting it delivered to us,” they assured. “All of the critical parts have been tested (and tested again), and functionality is currently looking very good!”

The folks of ONE INSTANT are also still looking to fill the spots of the manufacturing team, including analog tapers, folders, packers, and stackers. So if you’re based in Vienna, you can still send your application until the end of May!

With the final push for the production on the way, the ONE INSTANT team is set to begin working by mid-June, produce the peel-apart films by July, and start shipping the first film rewards shortly after. Also, they have already inaugurated the WALL OF FOUNDERS, which they see as a “daily reminder to our workforce of the people who made this crazy project possible.”

Let’s all keep our eyes peeled for the next update, as they promised more pretty ONE INSTANT photos and an in-depth look at the final production model!