Cheap Photo: Grab 100 Black and White Lightroom Presets for $12!

This Lightroom Presets deal is so hot we had to crank up the AC to the max!

We all love good deals, and wow have we found one for you here! 100 black and white Lightroom Presets for just $12; that’s going to be hard to beat! This bundle normally has a price of $49, but for a short amount of time you can pick up these Lightroom presets for next to nothing! Take the guess work out of converting your images to black and white, and use these presets for perfect results with a single click. Jump through the break for more details.

Creating black and white images in post is not as easy as it might seem. Sure, programs like Lightroom can put you on the right path, but getting to the final destination is another matter. Fortunately, this bundle of Lightroom presets will take you all the way to the finished product in a matter of seconds.

lightroom presets

Using these Lightroom presets is as easy as one, two, three. Install the presets, choose a preset, and click your mouse; it’s really as easy as that. In seconds you’ll have gorgeous black and white images at your fingertips. You can choose to either leave the preset as it is, or you can tweak it until you get it just right for each image. That’s the great thing about presets; they give you a solid foundation on which to base your work.

This bundle of Lightroom presets for just $12 is one of the biggest bargains of the year so far. You’ll be creating images that you will absolutely love, and you’ll save a ton of time in the process. This great bundle features:

  • 100 Lightroom presets for black and white photography
  • Easy to use (as simple as a single click of the mouse)
  • They’re compatible with RAW and JPEG images
  • They are compatible with Mac and PC
  • Automatically adjusts to the size of your image
  • You’ll get consistent images, which really helps if you want a whole shoot to look the same

Remember, this deal won’t be around for long. Pretty soon the sale price of $12 will end, and then the cost of these Lightroom presets will go back up to $49. For the cost of a couple of fancy coffee drinks you can get these magnificent presets that will save you tons of time in post, and that is invaluable.

Buy now ($12): Photowhoa