Yodica Films Are All ISO 400 and Have Cool Names Like Pegasus

If you’re craving for more colors and cool effects in your film photography, Yodica offers a lot of fun options for you to try.

Can’t get enough of those emulsions with various creative effects and crazy colors? These films from companies like Revolog, KONO!, and Dubble remain popular creative tools for experimental film photographers, and we can’t deny that they can definitely produce some pretty surreal results. We recently got word of Yodica, a Milan-based brand that offers a pretty cool roster of these fun films. They’re looking into launching their website and a new film soon, so if you’re looking for more options to those quirky emulsions, you might want to keep an eye on their goodies.

Yodica currently has seven variants with 400 ISO and 36 exposures, all handmade with care for the smallest detail to ensure that the colorful effects are spread over the entire frame. All the films are 400 ISO and yield 36 exp were named after some of the coolest bodies you’ll find in space, fitting for their stellar hues and effects:

  • ATLAS: their main film, produces colors randomly on each frame
  • ANTARES: Red, violet and deep blue effect
  • VEGA: Blue, purple and orange effect
  • SIRIO: Purple, blue and green effect
  • PEGASUS: Rainbow effect
  • POLARIS: Mint blue with reddish vignette effect
  • ANDROMEDA: Colors will depend on the lighting conditions, ranging from pink to fuchsia and red

The folks of Yodica also shared with us that they’re set to release a new film called CALLISTO, which will produce ruby red and green effects. The launch is set for June 10th, which coincides with their first birthday. We’re definitely marking our calendars for that!

Curious about these emulsions and itching to try them out? Yodica films have resellers across the globe, so you’ll surely get your fix wherever in the world you may be. In the US, you can grab them from the Film Photography Project. While waiting for their website launch, head to their Instagram and Facebook page to stay updated.