The Force is Strong in Our Favorite Star Wars-Themed Projects

Attention, Star Wars fans! We’ve got a bunch of cool projects to get you inspired to shoot your own this coming Star Wars Day!

We’re sure a lot of photographers have something planned for the coming Star Wars Day, whether it’s documenting fan events and celebrations or shooting their own themed projects. If it’s the latter for you, we have a bunch of cool projects that should get you inspired and filled with ideas! Over the years, Star Wars-themed photography projects have been among our favorites, so there’s a lot of cool stuff for us to give a second look. Not only are they perfect for the occasion, they’re also great examples of inspiring work and impressive creativity!

Star Wars Toy photography by Felix Hernandez

So far, we’ve followed two Star Wars-inspired projects by Mexican designer, photographer and digital artist Felix Hernandez: Toys and Troopers. What makes these sets stand out is how he breathes life into the toys through his creative concepts and set design for each scene he stages. If you’re thinking of dabbling into dioramas and toy models for your next photography project, his works are definitely among the ones you should check out and study!


“Splash Wars” portraits by Manu Cabañero

In his highly creative and clever series, Mano Cabañero recreated some iconic characters of the franchise by dressing them up in milky splashes. Aptly titled Splash Wars, he combined his love for the franchise and inspiration from the work of Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz. It’s certainly among the most unique and creative Star Wars-themed projects out there, so we’re sure you’d be interested in learning more about it from Cabañero himself in our interview.

Star Wars Engagement Photo Shoot by Jason Comerford

It’s the dream of many couples who are fans of the franchise to have a Star Wars-themed engagement shoot, and it was the long-time dream of Jason Comerford to do one as well. So when the assignment fell on his lap, he took this as an opportunity to “toss in some lightsabers, some beautifully made, custom Jedi robes, a willing couple, and you can start cookin’ up some really neat imagery.”


“Star Wars Last Supper” by Steve Brown

Crossovers are fun, and Steve Brown had the brightest, most unexpected idea for one: shooting “The Last Supper” with Star Wars characters. On the concept, he said: “The idea of recreating Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper using characters from Star Wars had been in my head for over a year before I was finally able to make it real. The painting is such an iconic and brilliantly composed image, and such a great way of showing a large group of people, that it has been used and parodied by many films, TV shows and other groups… Recreating the painting with the Emperor in the role of Jesus and Vader as Judas meant that the photo worked not only visually, but conceptually as well, with some emotional drama as well as just a nice composition.”

“Galactic Pinups” Calendar by Ben Lucas

Last year, Seattle-based Ben Lucas had the bright idea “to put together the most epic, awesome, sexy and hilarious calendar with all of your favorite characters from a galaxy far, far away.” The result? A fun Star Wars-inspired 2019 pin-up calendar that tickles the funny bones of our inner nerds, showcasing our favorite galactic characters in ways they’ve never been seen before! There you have it, a fine selection of cool and clever projects made by and for creative Star Wars fans. We hope they inspired you to shoot your own fun project for the occasion, and May the Fourth be with you!