Alpha Whiskey Makes Photographs That Will Take Your Breath Away

We’ve featured a ton of incredible toy photographers over the years. Something we’ve noticed about a lot of them is their attention to set design. Photographer Alpha Whiskey is no different. In fact, they draw inspiration from old-school movies from the 80’s. “This was the pre-CGI era, where illusion had to be created by highly skilled craftsmen building miniatures and using practical effects, says Alpha Whiskey in an interview with us. “…They had a background in art so they understood good lighting and composition.” That’s just a small part of his Alpha makes their work.

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Jesse Feyereisen Doesn’t Toy Around with His New Hobby

“It’s both challenging and rewarding,” says Wisconsin resident Jesse Feyereisen about his newfound love for photographing toy figurines. What started as a random shot of a Darth Vader figure he received for Christmas turned into a passionate fascination for producing cinematic scenes with toys as the heroes of the photographs. As Jesse explains, it’s more than just close-up photography, with much pre- and post-production work needed. With the results sometimes rivaling what you see on the big screens, he’s really making images that look out of this world.

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This Superb Toy Photography Takes You to a Whole New World of Fantasy

Toy photography allows adults to be kids again. It allows them to play around, experiment, jump into a world of fantasy, and document it all with their cameras. While it’s fun and games, executing good toy photography requires a high level of attention to detail and creative vision. When poorly executed, you have a bunch of toys that tell no story. However, you create an entirely new world that people demand you invite them into when it’s done well.

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Bebe Wang Revisits His Childhood and Gives His Passion New Life

Al images by Bebe Wang. Used with permission.

“I hope this work can evoke the audience’s childhood memories and dreams,” explains Bebe Wang. He adds, “I want people to remember those pure happy and harmonious moments.” For this series, Wang delved into his childhood. Reconnecting with an anime series that inspired and shaped so many children, Wang set to bring it to life. In this interview, he takes us behind the scenes of a world that means so much to him.

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Allan Teger Combines Nudity and Still Life for His Majestic Photos (NSFW)

All images by Allan Teger. Used with permission.

“They see what happens in our mind as we experience a shift in perspective,” explains Allan Teger as he discusses the impact his photos have on his viewers. He adds, “that is the most important part of my work.” His photographs certainly do make you question what you’re seeing. Combining humanity with still life, Teger has amassed a body of work that removes itself from the status quo. Our readers know we love work that goes against the norm. And it felt nothing but natural to invite Teger to speak with us to talk about a series that’s lasted over 45 years.

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Gareth Mcgorman Doesn’t Need Photoshop For His Imaginative Photos

All images by Gareth McGorman. Used with permission.

“I want people to see my photography first and see it on its own merits without knowing much about who I am,” says photographer Gareth McGorman. He continues, “I have revealed a little bit more about myself. It’s something you’ve got to do when you feel ready.” As mysterious as he may be, there’s no hiding from the fact he produces some interesting photography. Knuckled down in his niche of army-men model photography, McGorman is creating a body of work that is fun and interesting. Not lost in the world of photoshop, he puts emphasis on storytelling and creativity. And although he prefers to keep his identity low-key, he agreed to speak with us and tell us more about his photographic journey.

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Toy Story: How This Photographer Brings His Toys to Life

This is some of the best toy photography we’ve seen.

“I confess to having an offbeat sense of humor, and that will often come out in my work,” says photographer Mitchel Wu. If you had never met Mitchel but had only seen his work, you would know immediately that he’s a funny man. And the amount of humor in his toy photography is equaled by an insane amount of skill and talent. His client list is strong enough to make the most well-rounded photographer envious. And his job as a whole, although complex, looks like a hell of a lot of fun – we had just as much fun learning all about it!

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Creating the Star Wars Photograph: Vesa Lehtimäki’s “The Longest Night”

Creating the Photograph is an original series where photographers share how they created an image with their lighting and minimal use of post-production. The series has a heavy emphasis on teaching how to light. Want to be featured? Here’s how you can submit.

We’ve got a very special Star Wars edition of Creating the Photograph in store for you today in celebration of Star Wars Day. Hailing from Helsinki, Finland, Vesa Lehtimäki is better known by the mononym Avanaut online through his various social media platforms. While you may be learning about Lehtimäki’s work for the first time, you’ve likely seen his images floating around the web. In fact, Vesa’s previous Lego-centric photography projects actually inspired the hugely popular (and Hugo Award nominated) Lego Movie.

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Matthew Cohen Brings Out His Inner Child in Impressive Toy Photography

All toy photography and words by Matthew Cohen. Used with permission.

Three years ago, I was sitting in my apartment having buyers remorse after receiving a pricey action figure I had purchased. After the initial cool factor wore off, I was wondering what I was going to do with this potential dust magnet I had bought. I ended up stumbling upon an entire community of toy photographers, a hobby I wasn’t aware even existed. It was inspiring. Photographers like Sgt. Bananas (Johnny Wu) and Noserain (Richee Chang) brought out my inner child and I thought to myself, “Hey, I want to do this too. I can do this.” I grabbed an old point and shoot and a plastic tripod I had laying around and began to teach myself toy photography.

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The Force is Strong in Our Favorite Star Wars-Themed Projects

Attention, Star Wars fans! We’ve got a bunch of cool projects to get you inspired to shoot your own this coming Star Wars Day!

We’re sure a lot of photographers have something planned for the coming Star Wars Day, whether it’s documenting fan events and celebrations or shooting their own themed projects. If it’s the latter for you, we have a bunch of cool projects that should get you inspired and filled with ideas! Over the years, Star Wars-themed photography projects have been among our favorites, so there’s a lot of cool stuff for us to give a second look. Not only are they perfect for the occasion, they’re also great examples of inspiring work and impressive creativity!

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See How This Photographer Brings Star Wars to Life with Their Amazing Toy Photography Skills

toy photography

Toy photography is a rapidly growing genre with creatives, and this amazing Star Wars toy shoot shows why. All images by Felix Hernandez. Used with Creative Commons Permission.

There are many genres of photography that are growing at an incredibly fast rate thanks to cameras becoming more accessible to the masses and because of what can be created in post production with software like Photoshop. One of those genres is toy photography. After the break take a look at some truly amazing Star Wars toy photography, and watch a short video that shows some behind the scenes footage from the shoot.

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Amr Elshamy Shoots Wildlife Photography In His Room Studio

All images by Amr Elshamy. Used under Creative Commons License. 

At some point of time it is every photographer’s dream to travel the world and shoot wildlife a la National Geographic style. Amr Elshamy visualized such adventures and turned his dream into creative photography by using scaled models and imagination.

We have recently featured Amr Elshamy’s work turning toy models into realistic science-fiction movie scenes here, and he continued to flex his toy model photography expertise and imaginative creativity in his latest photo series simply titled “Life…”. For this project, Amr used toy figurines of wildlife animals such as dolphins, killer whales, and polar bears and captured realistic images of these animals in natural looking environments they were supposed to be in.  Continue reading…

Amr Elshamy Turns Toy Models Into A Dramatic Sci-Fi Scene

All images by Amr Elshamy. Used under a Creative Commons license. 

Driven by his love for science fiction, Amr Elshamy has always visualized the scene of a UFO beaming up a house in the middle of nowhere. To make this happen in an image, he used scaled models, photography, Photoshop, and obviously some wildly vivid imagination.

According to Amr, it took him about two months to create one single image: from the start of the idea’s inception to building a scaled model of the house and the final shooting process. Amr mentioned he accidentally bought the wrong size of a house model which he then needed to order a custom-made smaller design of the house he wanted for this particular project. Having the wooden house model with the vintage look in mind, he then used a two dollar LED light strip to simulate the UFO spaceship hovering above the house. Subsequently, for the smoke effect he used cigarettes (though he claimed he was a non-smoker) and hummus to create the sand look, as real sand will look too rough in a small scale photograph. To light the entire scaled model setup, Amr used one flash head from above (from the UFO spaceship) and other LED lights around the set to create the effect he desired. 

The image may initially look like the product of a skillful Photoshop manipulation, but achieving that level of sophistication and sense of realism in a photograph makes it interesting to study the making of the image. The immense amount of effort, time, and creative imagination that went into the creative process were the real recipe that produced the final epic scene. Sometimes, a little common sense, quick improvisation, and strong determination to construct a reality out of a visualized concept can result in something quite incredible.

To check out more of Amr Elshamy’s work you may visit his page here.